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George Leeman 875x4 deadlift

he has been lifting with us at progym now, so damn crazy strong.

Beastly as hell. You know it is a lot of weight when your subsequent reps are really like partials because the bar is bending so much.

Add him to the list of lifters who go chin up at knee height.


His progression is insane! Can’t be long before he pulls 900, although when he does he’l probably triple it, unbelievable

I love everything he does that spits in the face of conventional “wisdom”. Only trains with straps, always pulls touch and go, and destroys weights. Guy has been an inspiration for me ever since he posted here as Mega/UberNewb.

I love George, more as a person than a powerlifter, which is a first for me. He makes it clear of his imperfections and his mundane life, but perseveres with insane resolve and ambition.

I love George Leeman!

wow one strong mofo, soon reps with 900 ! :slight_smile:




It’s amazing the amount of weight the can be moved when you aren’t pulling in your living room. This is absolutely insane.

Definitely a big motivation to me. This guy is crazy strong.

Does gravity work in that gym of yours?