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George H. W. Bush Dies at 94


No shit, and expansion into Russia made no logistic sense without first securing the western front, which the Germany did not do. It doesnt matter whether Germany didnt want to invade Britain. Without beating Britain into submission first, there was no way for Germany to prevail against Russia fighting a war on two fronts, unless, of course, they had something like nuclear capabilities.

Not securing the western front directly led to to the US-led invasion of Europe, something that never would have happened had Germany made Britain submit.

Even in the perfect storm scenario you dreamt up you have to ask yourself how much sense it would have made for Germany to launch an attack on the US, given how much it already had on its plate in Europe. That doesnt sound reasonable at all and a nation spread as thin as Germany was would be doomed to failure by continued expansion, ans endless numbers of people to subjugate.

It’s amazing how far people will go to rationalize war, unnecessary murder, and to a degree genocide in order to uphold their ideals about the US. I suppose youre okay with allying with the Stalin and the Soviet Union, a far greater mass murderer than Hitler ever was. I suppose youre also okay with nuking Japan in order to bring a quick end to the war and in order to prevent Russia from interfering.


You go from war is bad to saying ending a war as soon as possible is bad.


Halifax was also the chief pusher of the disastrous Polish guarantee, something which started war long before the UK war machine was even close to ready.


The unnecessary war was the one immediately previous to WW2. One that the UK should have steered well clear of. France too, for that matter.


I will present now what I was thinking of originally responding with, I just procrastinated.

While many rue that Hollywood won the war many times over, there are some key things to note:

In the 1930s there had been some geology reports stating that there may have been significant oil reserves in the middle east. If Hitler could control North Africa, which would also allow for easier defence of the European south, that oil could be appropriated. Germany had none of its own oil, except for a synthetic made from coal, and relied heavily on Romania, that only had so much. Part of the reason Stalingrad was such an important target was that beyond to the southeast was Caucusus/Caspian sea area oil, which Germany never succeeded in taking.

The United States was part of the military force that eventually turfed the Axis out of Africa, so that is one important reason the US was good to have in the fight.

In the Pacific, Japanese Admiral Yamammoto’s carrier forces implemented a significant strike against American forces at Pearl Harbour. Hitler Might not have known immediately after when he declared war that the strike was a limited success. All of the American aircraft carriers were at sea and unaffected, and some of the downed ships were floated into drydock repairs and later saw action, the harbour was only so deep. Hitler didn’t predict the American cunning at the battle of Midway 6 months later. Codebreakers got the better of the only so good mathematical basis for Japanese communications and sent a fake message to guage their response, thus confirming their correct knowledge to decrypt.

Japan was conquering the overseas colonies of the same countries against Germany in Europe. Japanese troops were swift to take the Commonwealth garrisons at Hong Kong and Singapore, and this affected Britain economically. Japan was also leaning towards Australia and New Zealand, both resource countries loyal to England. To have captured them for themselves would have empowered Japan and weakened England. The American garrison in the Phillippines and two British Capital ships were taken out shortly after Pearl Harbour. Germany had therefore reason to think initially the Japanese would hammer at the US significantly.

The US also was a part of the Battle of the Atlantic. Even before joining conflict the US had the lend lease deal to supply England with destroyers, and then with war got in on it themselves. An American engineer came up with the hedge hog mortar, an effective anti submarine weapon that left the guesswork out of whether a U-boat had been sunk.

Germany was developing rockets. they were able to hit England with the V-2 that could not be intercepted once launched. they were planning the V-3 “New York” rocket. They were also trying to develop their own nuclear weapon, if the Americans hadn’t been helping chop them down they would have had more time.


My understanding was that many young men thought a spiffy uniform impressed women, and with a zeal for King and country many enlisted. The King of England actually dropped a writ to get Canada in WW1. I wonder how many got disillusioned when suffering dysentery in the trenches.


Quite so. The zeal for France and Britain to enter a war that they had no real reason to join is a multi-faceted stupidity. It is, nonetheless, stupid.


Why are we debating the merits of US involvement in WW2…

Dude literally wrote “muh slavery” and “muh Holocaust” as after the fact manufactured reasons for the Civil War and WW2 in his first post.


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Wow, great argument. How will I ever recover after all of these people not debunking me?

Winners write history and people rarely question whether they told the truth.

Sorry for breaking the 4th wall. Go back to sleep little sheep.


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I’ll debunk you: Germany declared war on the USA, not the other way around.


He said that earlier in the thread. I don’t believe he’s stated otherwise.


As soon as the US was at war with Germany, U-boats started sinking American ships within sight of the east coast.



Not even worth it.


Then he debunked himself.