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George H. W. Bush Dies at 94


To be fair, John Mcain was a piece of shit.

“Let’s arm these “moderate Islamic rebels”, what could go wrong?”


Shush. Jesus was lily white, hated the idea of healthcare for all, and supported a massive defense budget.

Also bitch slapped homosexuals with brass knuckles


To be fair, John Mccain was being tortured while serving in the war that Trump dodged 5 times because of his rich daddy. And you call HIM a piece of shit.

Just to refresh your memory, you said EXACTLY that. And now you’ve said several times “I didn’t say that”. It’s incredible, it’s like you believe you didn’t say things that we can scroll up and read.


Let me rephrase then. No amount of “talk” will ever be enough to eternally damn your soul. Is he a bad Christian? Maybe, I’ll let others decide, not my place.

I personally don’t believe that you are not a “Christian” if you retaliate or call people names. Sorry.

You lumped in child molesters with what I said. I never said that. I never said that any heinous action can be forgiven just like that, I’m not catholic.

I’m not gonna compare John McCain to trump. That’s pointless.

As a veteran, John McCain can kiss my red white and blue ass. I’ve heard enough testimony and tapes to have my own opinion of him. Being a POW or a Vet doesn’t automatically give you a pass for the rest of your life.


Youve heard enough testimony of his time in the military to judge him in death for what happened in the 70s, but a tape of trump bragging about sexual assault from 10 years ago didn’t sway you.


I judged him in life also.

locker room talk vs betraying your comrades.

One is definitely worse in my opinion.


All his time in the service I don’t remember Trump ever doing anything but following orders and fighting bravely.


Just out of curiosity given your name “alphagunner,” were you military?



Alpha (phonetic for A-Truck, lead vehicle)

Gunner (.50 cal Machine Gunner)


Locker room talk. Strange that you would use his exact defense of that. It wasn’t locker room talk. It was literally bragging about being able to assault women. That’s not ‘locker room talk’. I was military as well, and nobody bragged about something as fuckin crazy as that.

And Mccain didn’t commit treason. Stop reading ridiculous right wing conspiracy theories that only surfaced when McCain had a disagreement with Trump (which is when everyone turns into a bad guy - the minute they speak up against Trump). I’d love to get your thoughts on McCain in his presidential race against Obama. You’ll believe anything about anybody except for Trump. Absolutely ridiculous.


John McCain was a POS? I’d like to understand how you came to that controversial conclusion.

The Obama administration ordered the CIA to begin providing lethal and non lethal aid to the Syrian Free Army in the Fall of 2013. Setting aside the prudence (or lackthereof) of the policy itself, why are you singling out McCain? Also, it’s difficult to square relatively minor arms shipments with the monstrous acts of the Assad regime and its allies.


Umm. We’re you in combat arms? Which branch? Not sure who you were hanging out with.

I hated John McCain way before trump came around. Contrary to what you keep inferring , I can think for myself without asking trump who the bad guy is. Lmao.

You can have your opinion, and I’ll keep mine.



McCain was a staunch supporter of arming the rebels. Remember the pictures he took in Syria with muj? All buddy buddy. Any military man with a brain would know better.

Might as well get the pot stirring even more. I support Assad all the way.


I don’t feel compelled to defend my opinion anymore. I have mine and you have yours and that’s that.

Mostly it just seems like people are outraged that others might have differing opinions. Don’t see what the big deal is. Everyone has their own opinion. Even if you don’t agree with it.


Stockdale is the authority and the benchmark for Vietnam POWs. McCain certainly cleared the bar.

I’d be curious to get your thoughts on Carter-Reagan’s support of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan - especially vis-a-vis the relatively minor effort in 21st century Syria.

Ok. I have a hard time believing you are serious here. You genuinely support the atrocities that Assad is responsible for? You’ve swallowed Russian-Iranian propaganda hook, line, and sinker.


LThe cold war was a different time. Also we hadn’t really been “bitten” as many times by the muj just yet, so arming them to fight the Soviet’s seemed like arming the lesser of two evils. I think since then thoigh, Islamic extremism has flourished to the point that it would be a farce to believe
That new Islamic fighters won’t turn their weapons on the US.

Before the civil war broke out, Christians, and Muslims lived together in peace in Syria.

I supported Assad before hezbollah and Russia even got involved. I definitely didn’t support the Free Syrian army.
The FSA quckly turned into muj. Obviously with some help from Assad, but it was bound to happen anyway.

The FSA and affiliates then started their play for a caliphate and sharia law for all in occupied lands. So in this sense, I support Assad.

I don’t believe the regime used
Chemical weapons and I am Ok with it If they did. War is not “fair” . People bitching about barrel bombs, why? I believe he has the authority to take back his country however he wants. cue everyone attacking me about supporting chemical weapons

Don’t care.


In his years bravely fighting for the country Trump never got captured like pussy POW’s though. Surrounded by millions of people like his inauguration he escaped capture and blew Bin Laden’s head off.

You all just didn’t hear about it because of the liberal media


0311 rifleman 2/2 2009-13. I’m getting a bit aggressive, which goes against what I’m trying to say. I just see a bunch of excuses for Trump, and jumping to conclusions about everyone else, particularly those who oppose Trump. McCain being a traitor is a debunked theory that has been peddled on right wing blogs and circulated around the web for some time now. It’s a falsehood, not that it couldn’t be true, but there’s no conclusive evidence.


Edit: Army, Infantry 1-185 Iraq 06-07

No excuses for trump. He is vile nasty man, whom I am giving a pass because we need strong “America First” leadership. I’ll admit I was wrong and that I “WAS” in fact giving the man a pass.
So for that, I apologize.

Now regarding John McCain. Have you heard the recording he made?


Indeed. I wonder what types of things his sons can say truthfully about him when his time comes. The things said about Bush won’t fit him