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George H. W. Bush Dies at 94


Geeze, folks. Forget the dog. Watch the video of Sen. Dole standing and saluting. Gosh.




Define prominent and it would be beyond easy. But people see what they want to see especially when painting with the “leftists do this” or “conservatives do this” brush.


It’s a dumbass opinion piece that was widely criticized by people on both sides. Almost undoubtedly a clickbait piece. It deserved to be ignored just as much as an Alex Jones article. Let’s not act as if being fucking morons is exclusive to a side. Hell your outrage over it moved the thread towards partisan bickering from something that was almost completely positive.


To add to your points, did you see that the kids movie, Rudolph, is bigoted. And also Veggitales (the Christian one) supports white supremacy.

Sometimes I cant tell whether these headlines are a joke, or if they are real.


This tugged at the ol heartstrings. Bob Dole is from Kansas like I am and was portrayed by Norm MacDonald my favorite comedian (other than Carlin).



One can only hope. Imagine what lay in store for you for all the misery you bestowed upon your fellow T-Nation peers.

As they say Down Under. You’er a proper fucking cunt mate.


As long as you’re upset, they’re - in the case of a news outlet- profitable or - in the case of a politician - still relevant.

Readings news is much more pleasant when you put this lens on it.


I must say, I am completely in awe of both Australian and English swearing. It just sounds so…right haha.

From what I have heard, Russian swearing is the best, but you have to speak Russian to understand it…


More on point, given that today is a day of mourning, Bush was a hell of a man. Some people may love his politics, some may hate em. Putting that aside, he was a courageous Pilot in the Second World War, who put more on the line in the service of this nation than many of those who so comfortably critique his legacy. Regardless of politics, I hold respect for any man who is willing actually willing to put forth his life to serve his nation.


Touching stuff, a wonderful send off for any father.

I swear, I like W more and more the further away from his presidency I get.


I’ve always liked him. That shoe throwing incident says it all. Throw in the malapropisms and he’s golden in my book.


Everything negative was that mercenary Cheney’s fault.


Always liked this moment.


I’d say Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz deserve a mention too.


Well yes and no. While Russian swearing and swearwords in general are magnificent, the (wild) peoples of the Balkan peninsula are undisputed champions when it comes to the severity and perversity of swearwords.

From what I’ve read I understand the other surviving crew member from his Avenger was executed and partially eaten by the Japanese. Can you imagine being barely twenty and having to deal with survivors guilt after that?


For sure. In the US a new movie villifying Cheney is coming out soon. I’ve been seeing trailers. I was kinda (poorly) referring to that.


No, I truly can’t.


A point worth noting, @Legalsteel.

W himself said recently that it really takes time and distance to truly judge a President. (Historians have said similar things, especially David McCullough who is at, or near, the top of my personal list of historians).

I was listening to all of the words spoken of about H.W…and I am sure I’m not alone when I say that my mind wandered to what possible words would or could be said at the current President’s Eulogy:

Selfless? Sacrificed? Compassion? Kind? Giving? Always there with a kind word? Family? Country above Politics and Party?

I can’t even say these things about myself…

Maybe history will reveal a “deeper” Trump than we see now.

We’ll see. I just wish that maybe I knew as much about H.W. when he was alive as I have leaned over the past few days.


I wouldn’t see how. No matter what happens history is always going to look back at how consistently vile and vulgar he was. The first president in my lifetime that you would want your kids to be the complete opposite of as a human (leaving everything political out of the equation).

Yeah Clinton had his thing but on the whole you would be ok with your kids watching the majority of his time speaking. Does anyone want their kids to act like Trump in pretty much anyway? For fucks sake he calls a porn star that he paid hush money a horse face. If my kid behaves like him I’ve failed.


You could very well be right, @H_factor.

It was such a feeling of disappointment that I didn’t know more about H.W. until he died…which is as much my fault as anyone else’s and “the media”.

And even though Trump’s been in the Public Eye for as long as I can remember…I guess it’s that desire to give him the proverbial “benefit of the doubt” that maybe…just maybe there is a “deeper” Trump?

I don’t know. I’m just kind of thinking out Loud…