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George H. W. Bush Dies at 94


I know this sounds trite but he was my favorite President during my lifetime. He watched the Nat’l debt increase from ~ 30% of GDP in 1980 to nearly 50% in 1990 and signed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act which raised some taxes like the AMT but which also limited cap gains and increased the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families.

Bush was also an ardent supporter of Planned Parenthood and many of his views would seem downright Progressive today.


Shame to see this today. He was also one of my favorite Presidents. He truly embodied what it means to be a public servant.


Not a fan, politically, But, as with any individual, my sympathies for his family.


Sadly (predictably), all of the mouth breathers are out loud and proud on social media.


RIP Last ‘normal’ president we’ve had


From a grateful Nation…

Rest in Peace, George H.W. Bush…


If someone was repeating what Bush Sr. was saying word-for-word he’d be the villain du jour on Fox News…


One can only hope there is an afterlife and he is being judged for all the misery he helped heaped on humanity. Mostly for power and money.


I am not a political fan of Bush Sr., or his son, but some of the “heaping” he did was heaping bombs on Japanese, refusing to stop the attack even though his plane was on fire. He risked his life for all of humanity and at that point, it was for pennies.


Nothing warms my heart like listening to far-left whackos heap judgment on individuals who put more on the line and achieved more than every far-left whacko put together.


You’re an amazing piece of shit, dude. Keep you stupid bullshit in your own thread.


I agree with you. I’ve lamented the passing of civility in politics (or what was left of it in any case) for years, because I firmly believe that running against someone doesn’t have to make you enemies. George HW Bush was one of the last that sought to be civil amidst political chaos–and not just civil but open. He developed a friendship with people across the aisle, which I greatly respect.

Certainly not even close to perfect, politically or otherwise, but I great appreciate his sense of duty to country and devotion to his family, and how those allowed him to be consistently gracious.

I think those things stand out aside from political party or ideal.


I’m sad to see him go. Genuinely decent man, by all accounts. Even if his presidency wasn’t a success, he was still miles above the quality of the current prospective holders of the office.

Also, this shit broke my heart.


That made me cry when I read it.


Yeah, that picture gets me (an understatement). God bless dogs.


As a democrat I disagreed with Bush 41 on a lot of issues but I still respected him as my president. He was probably the last president that was not hated by one side or the other. RIP Mr President.


Is there nothing immune from hack partisan rancor?


Honestly probably not. I take comfort in knowing it’s hack partisan writing and probably wrong because of that.


Not when today’s leftists are trained to find things to be critical of and outraged over in every nook and cranny of our culture and society. It’s all fair game.

Of course, the author can always pen her next outrage column over the fact that this dog has a much larger social media following than she does.


Does your world view lead you to believe being hyper analytical of the media and calling out any slight as fake news is… Partisan? And if it is, it’s driven by the left?