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George Foreman Grill

Ive had a medium size George Foreman grill for about 3 months now and man, it is sweeeeeeeeeeet. I cook about 6 chicken patties at a time, sometimes I cook about 5 lean beef patties and you can cook about 4 or 5 tuna steaks on it too. All in about 10 mins. The point is, it is a great thing to have as far as preparing protein- filled meals. I only have to cook about 3 times a week, including weekends, and have a supply of protein filled meat, fish and poultry that will last me about 2 days. Anybody who doesn’t have one should go get one. A small one is only about 20 bucks.

Agreed! This is a must have for any cooking-impaired bodybuilder/strength athlete (myself included).

I like it too. My only problem is that I get this burnt “crust” on my chicken, that I usually have to cut away to actually enjoy the chicken. I think it may be caused by the marinade, but I get it to a lesser extent with unmarinated chicken. Anyone else experience this phenomenon, or is my grill just busted somehow?

If you are in the market for one of these contraptions, get the George Foreman Grill and not one of the knockoffs. I wasted my money on a God damn Betty Crocker grill (it even sounds gay). It takes like half an hour to cook one chicken breast and it tastes like an old shoe. Just to rub salt in the wound, my Dad insists on calling me all the time and telling me he’s cooked so much food, he’s giving it away. Asshole.


I have the same problem.

Yeah, I get the burnt stuff on my chicken too and I think it does have something to do with the marinade. But its not too much of a problem for me.

ahhh the wierd chicken skin that forms in the Foreman grill. I hate that. It helps to just use thinner cuts of whatever meat you are grilling and then just grill it for a minute or two less. That way you can grill the whole thing without searing the outside to hell and getting that scar tissue bonus. If I grill a chicken breast that is too thick, I get a burnt outside with a cold pink center… blech.

Still the Foreman is a must have. Without it, there is no way I could keep up my eating habits. Plus, after you get used to eating chicken and steaks off that thing, food off a real grill tastes amazing.

Foreman grill? love it.

Crock Pot? Adore it!!! For you guys who leave in the morning and return home for lunch or dinner get a crock pot throw your chicken in there with some tomato sauce or whatever kind of liquid you can think of, add some spices and enjoy perhaps the greatest chicken breast you have ever cooked.

Da Boxer

I actually like that burnt crust on the chicken, but I’m a little weird with the type of food I like.

I would die without my foreman grill. A little chicken here, some cajun seasoning there, and you’ve got a delicious, quick and easy protein meal!

i love this thing but its such a fucking pain in the ass to clean. its good tho.

If you’re like me and cook on it every other day or so, then your grill die in about a year. I’m on my second one right now and lovin it again. It’s a very big one and I can fit 6-7 large chicken breasts at once. I do get the crusties but I don’t mind them and can wipe them off easily. The cleaning part is a pain in the ass but it’s well worth the final product and time savings. Definitely a must have for any serious athlete who likes his meat.

I didn’t find cleaning the grill that hard. Immediately after you’re done grilling/cooking, don’t unplug. While it’s still hot, soak a paper towel (or two or three…depending on how messy it is) w/ water and wipe the surface. Get new wet towels if necessary, but wipe until the surface’s clean. Then unplug.

This thread reminds me of one of the more bizare things I’ve seen today (4/1) and it’s georgeforeman related–

Also, here are the other amusing/odd items on this page-

An ELECTRONIC Foreman Grill?!?! Too funny.

Thanks for the re-assurance on the chicken crust issue. I guess I’ll just continue to slice the crust off- its not too hard, but adding that task to the cleaning of the grill almost makes it a wash time-wise between the Foreman and my gas grill in the backyard. Gotta love AZ- year-round BBQ!

The grill was good for a while, sucked to clean, and after we used it almost everyday, the teflon coating on ours started to peel off, so everything stuck to it. we haven’t used it for about 3 months.

I too used to use the grill but got sick of the clean up and it made the top of my chicken pretty tough. Now I just throw some chicken tenderloins in the oven for 5 min. a side @ 350 deg. The chicken is nice and moist not rubbery.

The Foreman grill does not get hot enough to leave grill marks.

If you want to save yourself a few bucks, buy a cast iron grill pan (called a Griswald).Turns your stovetop into a grill for about 20 bucks. It will last forever if you take care of it (mine is 6 years old), and will get hot enough to leave those nice grill marks without a marinade.

guys the secret to keeping the foreman grill clean is simple-tin foil!
try no clean up at all! it does not affect the food in any negative way.

I’ve got a knock-off (hamilton beach) and it is my most essential kitchen tool. To those complaining about burnt chicken, don’t marinate it! Once I stopped marinating, I stopped getting burnt chicken (and a stank apartament). Someone mentioned the teflon coming off of theirs…live it up…stuff gets stuck to mine a bit, but since I’ve become lazy about getting it super clean its actually become more effective, sorta like a BBQ grill. Leaves those sexy grill marks too.