George Farah Opinion on Carbs

hi guys,did someone watched farah`s seminar in ireland…its on youtube and on minute 4 someone asked him about carbs postworkout,and he said that you should not take carbs during or after workout cuz your GH level is automaticly decreasing once you ingest carbs into your system…soo what you should be doing is after your workout you need to take hydro whey or micronized bcaa AND THEN 20-30 MIN later you take carbs!!! here is the link if anyone is interested about this!!!

what do you think is he right or no ??

My thought: Farah talks a lot of shit in my opinion, especially in this video.

BHF, here are a couple of paragraphs from my recent article on peri-workout nutrition. They describe what happens when a lifter HASN’T ingested peri-workout nutrition:

"While the super-hero anabolic hormones like Testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-1 make their appearance during a workout, any increases are relatively small and transient and they often drop below baseline levels after a workout. True, they’ll do some repair work in the hours in-between, but the peri-workout period itself is prime time when it comes to muscle growth.

"It’s too bad insulin, often regarded as the most anabolic hormone, is now in short supply in our hypothetical scenario. Insulin is what’s needed to offset the collective efforts of all the workout-induced catabolic hormones. But unfortunately, insulin levels were already at baseline or below baseline by the time our lifter pulled his Jeep into the gym parking lot.

"(Of course, even if insulin levels were still high, they wouldn’t have much to transport as our lifter swallowed his last bit of protein an hour or two before his workout began!)

“Additionally, muscle cells are amazingly sensitive to insulin during and after a workout ? more so than any other time of day or night. As a result, very few, if any, nutrients would be stored as fat during the peri-workout period. But alas, this sensitivity starts to fall precipitously as the post-workout minutes pass.”

In other words, having high levels of GH without any nutrients in the bloodstream is like having a bulldozer with no dirt to push. Besides, insulin is far more important in this scenario.

[quote]BrickHead wrote:
My thought: Farah talks a lot of shit in my opinion, especially in this video. [/quote]

My opinion is that he is very outdated.
Keeping the bro-science alive just because he is a big name and has worked with a lot of the big names in ifbb.

Don’t take anything from this guy as far as nutrition and natty supplementation.

also from my understanding any manipulation you create from hormones from doing things like like fasting doesn’t necessarily mean you are becoming more anabolic or creating whatever advantage he claims (I haven’t watched this video in a really long time)