george f%$#'n halbert

Maybe this has already been discussed, sorry haven’t been on the forum in a while, but what possesses a man to bench press 733lbs, and when he only weighs 215lbs. I don’t know where he did it but it was on the westside side site.

I can’t imagine getting under a bar loaded to that, even if I had Bob Whelan yelling in my ears and two massive spotters.

$4500. i think that was what he won at the competition. it was a wpo event.

He uses 3 shirts though doesn’t he?

i think he uses a double ply and anyone can put one on and try to beat him.

how the heck do these “shirts” work? what are they?

Halbert’s not human. The scariest thing is, he’s not near finished.

Natey, Halbert benched around 650 at 198 with no shirt. Can you?

Hey I could beat that…easily… if someone can lend me a forklift!