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George Clooney for '12


Although he has already stated that he doesnt plan on running, what do yall think about that idea? As bad as the Terminator for governor?


I think Clooney is a starry eyed big mouth liberal who has more fame and money than brains. Let him run, if he's elected (to anything) the people got what they deserved.


Might as well go with Baldwin and Damon while they are at it!


Hollywood is horribly successful at getting shit wrong. These are the same pricks who scream about Global Warming, yet drive Hummers, Escalades, and Range Rovers.



The few hollywood stars driving expensive cars wont make a lick of difference, but if the masses of peons do the all drive Fiat Unos it would.

Its the same with caring for the poor, or teh sick or the elderly, doing it yourself takes so much time away from a flamboyant lifestyle. but having other people finance it and public servants doing takes hardly any effort at all!

So, as you can see, it is really all for the best and if you could please stop questioning your betters, you are getting dangerously close to committing a thought crime.

FTR, I like Clooney and I think he is one of the more clever ones, even though I disagree with a lot of his ideas.




Well said haha


I think it'd be brilliant.

Frankly I'm more surprised more don't agree with me, under the heading of either 'anybody can do federal government better than its incumbents' or 'if it'll lead to nothing getting done, its working'.



You will need a few others to do jack shit, Im with you.

I would even take a second job, just to make sure that I cannot do anything at all as a pubkic official.

I also sincerely promise to accept any and all bribes and to spend it all on hookers and booze and to do nothing in return whatsoever, thus replowing the money into the honest part of the economy.

PS: I will only be available on Mondays, from 8-10 am, I would like to get the most unpleasant part of my work week done as early as possible.


Bribes, hookers, and booze? What is this, Italy?


Of course not, they have better hookers, better booze and are much better dressed.


I dunno. I thought the Governator was a good idea and look what happened :frowning:


People that play make believe for a living are generally not my first choice. Let him get a few years of real work in like Reagan did and then maybe it wouldn't be such a sad joke on the electorate.