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George Carlin on Religion



George who?


You know, George Carlin.....one of the most widely-admired intellects of our time. And a deeply learned theologian.


I didn't know George Carlin had some new material out. I had wondered where he has been.


Ha ha, George Carlin huh? A drugged out former hippie. I always get a kick out of those who buy into people like Carlin or even Jon Stewart. They are paid comedians with a liberal agenda. Some of their stuff is funny, but usually at the expense of conservative institutions, or people. It would be a real shame if everyone took their advice and behaved like they do.

By the way it's troubling to see that when you're not worshipping Ron Paul you're looking up to George Carlin. Did you have a troubled childhood? No father figure? No really, what's up with you?


Can you blame him? Catholic school. Just sayin'.

I have to agree.

All religions are nothing more than superstitious bullshit.

My god is better than yours.

Oh yeah, well my god has a super-sweet hammer meant for smashing skulls, bitch.

Well, my god has lightning. That's like electricity and stuff.

Oh yeah, well my god created the universe is six days and controls all of nature -- take that lightning god and hammer god.


Unlike being a paid mouthpiece with a neoconservative agenda...?

I'll take their harmless HUMOR over warmongering rhetoric any day.


Well said. You are obviously deeply informed in theology & comparative religion.


Maybe he just thought it was funny?


Quite the contrary. I am actually educated in reality.


Lift confirmed for fair and balanced


Actually, he said in another one of his monologues that he really liked the Catholic school he attended and he formed his idea about religion despite this good experience.

I preach the gospel of I don't know. I don't know if there exists a god and neither does anyone else. But I do know this: organized religion is a bunch of bullshit. If anything, it prevents people from finding the nature of a supreme being rather than fostering it. As Carlin said, it's the only institution that sells an invisible product, except it's not a product, it's "God," the money you give them isn't payment for services, it's a "donation," they are completely exempt from any form of taxation, and they've been able to do this for hundreds of years. Bernie Madoff is a small-time thief compared to the scam that is organized religion.


I like this one about religion and hats.


LOL. Thou art a paragon of humility.


I thought it was funny, and I figured it would get moved to PWI eventually so I just saved the mods the trouble.


Ayn Rand would be disappointed in you.


Straw-man, I'm sorry you should really understand what you're talking about before you talk. Who is getting rich, what person is getting rich from people tithing?

Parish Priests, and almost all of those that are ordained and all those that are a Monk take a vow of poverty.

What you lack in the understanding of theology you make up for with stupid posts about religion.


That does not mean it did not influence his view on organized religion. The man obviously has contempt for the church -- and rightly so.

As much shit as I give organized religion it still pales in comparison to the hate I have for organized aggression.

The state can put me in chains but the church cannot make me believe.

edited for correctness


That means I'm doing it right.


The Church has never claimed to be able to make people believe.