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George Best Dies


Former England soccer superstar George Best died today at only 59 years old, from complications caused by a liver transplant, which he needed from years of heavy drinking.

I don't care much for soccer myself, being a rugby and American football fan, but George Best lived a colorful life, and made one of the best quotes of all time.

'I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.'


Holy shit. He's the best Manchester United Player, ever.

RIP George Best.


he shagged more miss worlds than i have

good lad


Likewise not a soccer fan, but outstanding quote.


While it is a loss, it's a shame that he wasted his new liver transplant in going back to drinking, someone else could have had it who may not have been so wasteful.


how cruel fate can be - he dies just one day after 24 hour drinking in England is given the green light. He must be rueing this missed opportunity.

Ps Irish footy fans would no doubt be quick to point out a slight error in the original post; while he played his club football in England, (at Man Utd mostly) he wasn't English.

Anyway, RIP. Living in the Trafford area I fully expect our local news to be a George Best-a-thon for the next few days.


George Best was the most complete football player of all time. He could do EVERYTHING.

I can't remember who it was in the 1968 European Cup winning team that said it (Sadler maybe?) but one of the players said that he could have played anywhere on the pitch and done a better job than the guy that was actually playing there.

People often don't realise how generous and Best was and what a fabulous personality he had too.

Two of my favourite Best stories are firstly when he said:

"Perhaps he saw something I didn't" This was to the bellbow who, in an infamous episode, remarked "George, where did it all go wrong?" upon seeing him with a magnum of champagne, thousands of pounds and the then Miss Universe in his hotel room.

Secondly, when he admitted that:

"Against Benfica in the final I nearly did it, I beat the keeper but then chickened out. I might have given the boss a heart attack," - on nearly completing every schoolboy's dream as he considered getting on his hands and knees to head the ball over the line, in the 1968 European Cup final of all places.

George Best was arguably the greatest footballer of all time and anybody who has seen him play would say that he was the most talented.

In Manchester, he'll never be forgotten...


It's alright celebrating people for their sporting achievement, as he was a fabulous player. But lets leave the morality out of it, cmon we never knew him. He might have been a nice guy, he might not, I DONT KNOW HIM. It's making me sick all these people on the news saying how wonderful a person he was, so i'm going to reserve judgement on that.


My dad's met George Best. He said that George was surprisingly shy and made time for anybody that wanted to speak to him.

In fact, everybody that I know who had met him said that he was a very genuine guy. The dozens of stories that I have heard all confirm to me that he was a good-hearted man. The story about when he was out on the town with Rodney Marsh and they came across a tramp is just one of many that demonstrate his generosity.

I never had the privilege to meet George but I think that I can still make a pretty accurate judgement about his character. Great man in my book - definitely high testosterone.


Definitely a colourful guy. Anyone wrote a book on him that someone can recommend?