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Genuinely Low Test Levels at 26

If I genuinely have low T levels, backed up by blood test. What kind of doctor would I need to see? The doctor that ran the test said that I had normal levels, but here are the numbers, and according to many health sites they look low.

DHEA Sulfate 231
Test Total, 251
17-Hydroxyprogesterone 35
FSH 6.8
LH 2
Prolactin 11.2
TSH, w/ reflex to T4 2.87

I know some of those are in normal range, but the top two look low. On my sheet here it sais normal levels are 85-690 for a 26 year old!! That isn’t even close to what I see on the web, most look like 300+. Anyways, what kind of doctor do I need to see that would agree with that?

80 freaking 5? ng/dl? Take those numbers and tell them to shove it that is terrible. 250-300 is usually the low end.

Get a referral to an endocrinologist or uroligist and retest/get opinions on those results.

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I have the same problem and being 29 with low test levels I was told “lets see if they come up on there own”

its been rough for me to see anyone about it becuase of my age,and it sucks

mine was test total 100
LH 3
prolactin 8

21(well 20 when I was tested) and was given the run around by several doctors “You are low but not too low” BS. Search around as best you can for more open minded doctors and good luck finding real help.

[quote]HowieFeltercooch wrote:
mine was test total 100
LH 3
prolactin 8[/quote]

Who cares?

I think that there was a lot of good advise here. I am going to make some appointments with some new doctors this week. I definitly like the advise. I was going to order some TRIBEX, but better wait until I hear on what the doctors say. Don’t want to temporarily boost the levels, just to have the doctor say they are normal…

Thanks for all your help.

I was 19 yoa when I first went on hrt! granted it was a totaly bogus operation , some of the guys might remember “power medica” im talkin anadrol growth test and any other goodies my enlarged heart desired “just kidding about the heart”

anyway when they they ah, “shut down” I went from doc to doc and now its almost impossible at 25 yoa to get even test! not impossible in the sense that its no available more like 250$ for a 3 blend test! anyway my t levels as of last year were 291 and I am paying out the ass just to have a maintenence dose!

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