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Gentleman Needs Orion's Advice



I hope this is fake.

That was nauseating to watch. Not her but him.


Maybe the chick mopping behind him fucked it up.

And the train driver running over his speech.


he had me at 3 months

....that was comedy GOLD


Nothing to see here. Move along.


Orion will most likely leave him hanging.

just like he left his ol pal Edgy


What I would like to know is, where do guys get the idea that this might possibly work?


I'll bet all my money that was fake.


It seems to me that other guys have done similar things to this that have been publicized and have sometimes "worked".

I would guess that in the cases that worked they were a "couple" for some period of time much longer than three months. Also, it is possible that this pair of persons were not even agreed between the two of them as to whether or not they were a "couple". So a number of important things about the context might have been different here than in the cases where this type of thing "worked". But nonetheless it does appear to me that this type of thing has been shown in videos and on television and has been seen to "work".


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This is so damn funny... im in tears.....


The train driving by made me completely lose my shit.


Provided its not fake, i imagine he was hoping being the center of the crowds attention would pressure her into saying yes.

The real question is why would he want to get married.



Let's just assume its real for a second, so how can dude not know that there's potential for rejection here. The obvious answer is that he's way more into her than vice-versa and his judgment is clouded/overrun by idealistic optimism. Which is nauseating in its own right.

In general - provided the gf isn't philosophically opposed to marriage, if she's not bringing it up with (increasing) frequency, best of luck to any dude jumping the gun on that.


Yeah but I'd be broke and you'd have enough money to buy a used TV. And I mean like an old RCA cabinet deal.


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It doesn't surprise me at all. He's Indian and Indian culture (largely Bollywood but other cultural forces as well) is Hollywood white knight culture on crack. Fathers aren't doing their sons any favours either.

Plus the highly vegetarian diet kills the T levels.

Many of these Indian dudes end up marrying these 28-32 year old women who spent ages 17-25 hooking up with random dudes. They drop loads of cash on them for these over the top engagement and weddings.

My FB is littered with pics of this crap. It literally makes me physically ill.


She did him a favor.

I knew a few guys who needed to get a reality check before they were able to move onto healthy, stable, relationships.


Here's a much nicer one. :slight_smile:


I watched 30 secs of that, does that mean I'm now infected with ghey?