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Genotropin Pen Advice?

Hi guys ive been thinking about using hgh and been offered genotropin pens 36iu 12mg.

Ive tried researching on here and elsewhere online but not been able to wrap my head around how much to use and then obviously how long a pen like that would last. Its not cheap obviously so need to figure out if its affordable.
Im 36 hovering around 80kg

Appreciate any advice


At a dose of 4 iu/day, your pen will last 9 days. What is the asking price of your pens? You can always go down to 2 iu/day but as a starter I think you will see better results at 4 over 2/day.

Offt. Guy selling just told me he uses 0.6mg a day lasts him a month. 20 injections. He skips weekends.
Its £150 a pen so at the dose you say its too expensive for me. Hoped to run it a couple of months at least

Still confused on dosing. MG/IU. Etc

I’m not sure what he means in mg. Hgh is measured in IUs (international units).

I inject mine daily. I pay about $170/100 iu so depending on dose it can last anywhere from 20 days to 50 days. It’s not cheap either way but I love it, even at the low doses

.3mg should equate to about 1iu, so .6mg is 2iu daily