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Genomics, for the dorks

I also said this was average.

There is nothing racist about pointing out differences among races. Is it not clear that plenty is different between a white person and a black person? Hair type and color, skin type and color, bone structure, muscularity…just about everything varies.

I think it’s possible to dumb down this debate and move away from studies and just make some basic observations–I’ve seen too many black guys who hardly work out, just began, or work out poorly but still have fantastic physiques. You simply cannot discount the genetic factor.

Look at the Mr. O. Many of the competitors carry the same amount of muscle mass at the same bodyfat levels. You mean to tell me you can’t see a difference in the average white competitor vs. the average black competitor??? BY IN LARGE, FOR THE MOST PART black guys have smaller waists while white guys tend to be more blocky; white guys have bigger calves, while black guys tend to struggle to build them (even those who have them, they are certainly differently structured from the white competitors–they insert much higher up, toward the knee).

Don’t cry racism for the hell of it. If there are differences, then there are differences. No one is saying one is better than the other or making remarks about EVERY member of a group.

thanks RSU. That’s what I was saying earlier, but was portrayed as a racist. I’m soooooo far from it, it’s not even funny.

Ah, okay, Lama, I get it. Yeah, don’t know how I managed to miss that. [Slaps head]