Genocide in South Africa

Latest atrocities against whites in South Africa:

'A large, heavily armed and well-organised black youth gang of some 30 members, dressed in overalls, arrive by train each afternoon - with pre-arranged plans to attack specific Afrikaans families in Springs, Brakpan, Boksburg, Benoni areas â?¦ ’

'Young dad Rudolf Herbst was attacked by black home-invaders on Wednesday, July 20 2011 in the family home in Springs and heard the armed men threaten ‘we’re gonna kill you fng whites’.


'April 24 2011 â?? WALKERVILLE. Tortured smallholder Chris Bronkhorst, 67, has died. The disabled Afrikaner pensioner was beaten, whipped, tortured with melting plastic, and other tortures which were so horrid that they have never been described in the news media, on Sept 29 2010 by four black males. The disabled Afrikaner was unable to defend himself. Bronkhorst, a pensioner, 67 years old, who was already partially disabled from a stroke. He was brutally tortured with melting plastic and he was whipped repeatedly with a sjambok in his Walkerville smallholding home. The SAPS refused to confirm the attack to the news media until four days later when the family informed the news media. ’

It seems there is no limit to hatred in this world.

Sexmachine have you not heard that is only racism when whitey do them evil things. Take your your views somewhere else. Those blacks deserve reparations man. Ask method man.

I would say hate crime rather than genocide, simply as a matter of scale. But yeah, fuck this shit.