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Genital Warts?!?!?!

I’ve checked my health books and I can’t get an answer (just nasty pictures). Here’s the deal: I got a blowjob from a friend of mine. Then I find out that her boyfriend has genital warts. She’s sucked his dick in the same week. Also, I understand that HPV can be present without any outward signs.
By now you guys should know what the question is but I’ll ask anyway. Can I get genital warts this way?
I am going to the doctor in three days to get tested but then I’ll be waiting at least a week! And you know what Chris Rock says about the ghost of pussy past coming to visit…

I would worry less about the warts and more about what’s going to happen to you when the boyfriend finds out. And he will, trust me…

Sorry bro, but if you don’t have it you should probably reconsider who slobs your knob.

Most practitioners don’t test for warts unless they are evident, though they can do a blood test for presence of viral antibodies. Yes, you can catch HPV this way, though it’s rare. And, yes you can catch HPV with no outward signs and condoms don’t protect against transmission.

Aren’t STD’s a nasty lil’ bucket of worms? Maybe if you thought with your head and not your dick you wouldn’t be in this situation.

It sounds like if the three individuals involved pooled all their morals, they couldn’t fill a thimble.

demo: she felt guilty and told him but he won’t do anything but shoot me dirty looks when he sees me.
Michelle: Thanks for the info.

Hey bro, don’t worry until those nasty little bumps show up on you dick. The doctor may tell you to use applecider vinigar (no joke) on a cloth around your unit for 10 minutes if the bump turns pale white its the real deal. They can give you a cream to kill em or they can freeze them off. If you freeze them, make sure they are gone 100%. I had em years ago, and they kept comming back like an ex wife for allimony. Chances are that you should be ok with one encounter. Peace

Are you from Utah or something??? You sound like a fucking morman with your “holier than thou” rhetoric. All I asked was for some advice and/or experience which you obviously can’t give me since I didn’t ask about polygamy or how to raise ten kids on one income. Or how to turn into a star when I die either.
I’m glad to know that you are as clean as a transvestite’s fingernails but do me a favor. Remove thyself from thy spiritual and moral hilltop and journey to the real world where girls suck dick when I whip it out. They can’t help it. They all LOVE the cock!!!

Now when you whip it out Frankie, all the females will go “ewwwwwwwww, what ARE those ugly things on your whistler?” I guess calling me a morman was meant to be an insult. You didn’t insult me but you probably pissed off a bunch of mormans. Now buzz off warthog. I don’t have any dead space to rent you in my head.

hey Frankie you post such bs here about how you are a slut (I don’t mean this term to insult any women just Frankie) and then get pissed when someone calls you for it? get a clue…

You know, it really slays me when people come on to the forum and ask questions like this, and then when they get called out for being stupid and/or immoral, they have the audacity to bitch. Guess what, numbnuts? You screwed up. Tough shit if you don’t want to hear it. You made a choice and now you have to live with it. So does she. As badly as some limp-wristed people want to believe otherwise, there is such a thing as right and wrong, and our actions do have consequences.

Don’t worry about testing for warts as you won’t be able to do anything about it until they pop up, and by then you’ll know that you have them. I had them years ago and they are a bitch to get rid off. I think I had half a dozen treatments with Pedapholin (SP?) before they went away. They put this shit on and tell you to keep it on for 6 hours. Afterwards the warts turn white and come off. Unfortunately they would come right back a few weeks later. The last time I got treated for the same case I got so fed up I left the stuff on for 9 hours. Oh dear. It left my member a bloody mess, but it finally did get rid of them once and for all. (No, my penis did not fall off)Warts are viral and as you know a virus is real tricky to deal with. Good luck.