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I have no photo. I had no camera on me. I live in Jersey in a Polish neighborhood. A store around here has lunch and dinner for $5. Fried chicken breasts two mashed potatoes and all that good stuff.

Every once in a while on cheat days I get a meal there. A guy came in... looked like a Harley guy. He ordered two dinners. Than (as I later found out) his worker came in looking for a pay-phone. He was African-American. He had no teeth. He must have been about 40-45. But he was big, vascular and below 6% body fat. He was vascular in his delts and abs!!! He was working for a guy who had a junk business. Metal recycling.

I had no camera but this guy looked better than any Men's health cover model I've seen. He was from the ghetto and there is no way he lifts weights and diets. Most likely smokes and drinks. I was absolutely shattered. He had shredded obliques with veins.....crazy.


He had his shirt off?


Wow. You read Men's Health and you're a racist?

Good for you.


No. Polish.

Yea, I see shit like that all the time. I just say it's naturally high test levels. I mean c'mon the guy most definitely gets his hands dirty.

Did he happen to give a nice "Mmmmmm," lick his lips and say something to the likes of "I'd eat her ass 8 days a week!" whenever there was a female in the visual radius? Even the godforsaken ugly ones?

See that's the difference I work out for myself so I feel better about my body and a number of other reasons. It shows.


Maybe because he cant chew solid food?....


I don't think that is racist. Yeah, probably genetics. I envy guys like that. You should have asked him though, maybe he works out hard, you never know.


Saying that because he is black and from the ghetto there is no way he trains or is concerned with diet and all he likely does is smoke and drink is not racist?


Two years ago I was in the Bahamas on a cruise and I was looking for a beach near the Atlantis resort where I could rent a waverunner for a coupls of hours. I ran into this dude that pointed out where the beach was, and he was more than happy to "help" us find out where to rent jet skis, because he could tell we were tourists and he wanted to make money off us.

Anyway, this guy was obviously poor (he was begging for money from the guy who rented the skis, for supposedly 'bringing us in' as customers), probably homeless, and he pretty much walked up and down the streets all day hustling so he could get by.

Ironically, the guy had the most ripped physique I've ever seen in my life (except in picures). I doubt this guy knew jack shit about lifting, or even cared. It was unbelieveable that a guy who lived in the streets of this poor-ass, ghetto side of town could look like this.

So yeah, I think genetics plays a role in how we look naturally.


How do you know this? You saw the guy for a few minutes total, and you've figured out that he doesn't lift weights or diet, and smokes and drinks heavily.

Basically, some guy with a good physique walks into a diner, and you assume he can't possibly train and eat properly and that it must be 100% crazy genetics.

I'm sorry, but that sentiment says more about yourself than anything else.


WTF do you think when see someone with no teeth?


That they save a lot of money on toothbrushes.


I envy people like that,or people who eat shit all the time and are still in a decent shape...

Stop seeing racism everywhere,all the time.
He just said he's from the ghetto,and if you're from the ghetto chances are you smoke and drink and all....It's common sense.


I'm not a racist in fact I'm saying that Afro-Americans have better genes than any other race I think. Now we are not allowed to say that there are ghettos? To not acknowledge the problem doesn't mean it does not exist. I should have talked to him but was too stunned thats how good he looked. I should have taken a photo.


If the guy works in a metal recycling junk business, he probably has to move and lift heavy stuff daily.

If he has no teeth, that surely cuts down on what he can eat and how often he does. Not so easy to snack on chips, chocolate bars and other crap when you basically have to suck on them for half an hour...

So, heavy lifting 5 days a week + restricted calories (a maybe a better diet because when you can't eat all you want, you make what you do eat count) for many years = good physique.

Genetics surely plays a role, but physical activity and lifestyle is probably a much more important factor. You also make a ton of assumption about a guy you saw for about 5 minutes; for all you know he spends all his nights and weekends at the gym busting his ass and is the local BB champion.


Do you not realize the irony of your own post? You say to stop seeing racism, then you immediately follow that with a stereotypical description of all people who live in the ghetto, and then have the balls to say that is common sense. Personally I could care less if you are racist, or someone who just believes in stereotypes, whatever, just don't come off like it's not true.

You really don't even understand do you? Your lack of comprehension here is the main problem.

I don't even know why I care. I just find it interesting that people can't even see their own bigotry, even after they put it in print.


I'm just making assumptions based on probabilities, that I base on learned experiences, and you know what? All of what I said are most likely true. If this bothers you, than you are wasting your energy posting about it here. Do something about it! This thread is about something else.


Why does he have to be from the ghetto? Maybe he just works there.

You were in the ghetto and you were just there for lunch.

Maybe he thought you were a crazy stalker staring dude from the ghetto and he was really happy to get his chicken, go back to his job, and then drive back to the suburbs to his nice planned community.


Either he was skinny and not as massive as you say he is, which would allow for his rippedness OR he actually Lifts (which MIGHT explain him getting 2 dinners). I bet he lifts. I bet he's been doing the same program for years and it's one of the highlights of his day.


Sssshhhh... This guy would rather live in his white-picket fence world and believe all black people are poor and live in the ghetto and smoke and drink all day, unless they have all their teeth and are wearing a suit that is. No reason to introduce him to reality.


jeez, why always nitpick and put a negative spin on everything, chances are he has nothing against black people.