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I have a question relating to a person's 'genetic potental'/'genetic tendancies' and how these factors dictate the way in which a person 'puts muscle on' in relation to the execises they do. Now obviously, this is a very broad topic and the apparent answer I'm expecting to get from people is: 'genetics dicate everything dumbass'. However, I guess what I really want to know is:

Because of our genetics, is the way in which we'll look when we become 'fully developed' from training unavoidable? For example, if one already has big traps (from poor training) and pitifully underdeveloped everything else, will continuing to do heavy deadlifts cause my traps to reach their 'genetic limit' and allow everything else (other muscles of the back) to catch up, or will my traps continue to grow at the same rate as everything else and this disproportion will never 'self-correct').

If this is true, does this mean that regardless of how piss-poor a person's training was in the past, if they eventally get on track by 'training smart' and sticking with it, imbalances sort themselves out in the end?

I appreciate any feedback.


as you train a muscle that muscle becomes more resistant to growth so unless you do tons of trap work, or lift with bad form that over enphisizes your traps you will even out. so your traps probably won't see the growth you'll notice in your less trained bodyparts, but they will grow.


It's also about balance. Your body won't allow one muscle to grow to an enormous size without the rest following suit.


I am sure Valentino is helping confuse quite a few newbies on that issue.


LOL, what do you mean? His arms aren't disproportionate when compared to the rest of his body! It's perfectly natural growth! My biceps will look just like that, I just need to continue curling in the squat rack for at least 5 years!


No using Arnold's latest secret routine from muscle and fiction will get you there in 3 years!


Synthol? Yeah right, thats TOTALLY natural. He was doing the newest Arnold workout before it was in muscle and fiction, before arnold ever thought it up. Actually, the M&F scientists did conclusive 'tests' to see what the best routine for 'normal'(read: juiced up) people.


That's the kind of answer I was hoping for. Thanks for the feedback.


Actually, I kind of had Valentino in mind when I posted this thread. Obviously, he juices (and thinks he looks like a hard-ass) so his arm growth in intentional.


His arms look like that because he pumped them full of oil. It isn't much different than getting implants. That isn't "real" muscle.


Exactly, it isn't muscle at all. Hey, I wonder if the oil swashes around in there?


you're welcome.