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Genetics: What Would You Choose?


What muscle is genetically your best, and if you could change it to a different muscle, what would it be?

I have genetically strong calves/legs, but that kinda sucks. I don't play leg-dominant sports, and other muscles (chest, delts, back, arms) tend to be considered more aesthetically appealing. I'd probably go with chest if I could choose my genetic endowment.

On the other hand, calves and forearms seem to be most genetic and are the hardest to develop. At least I got the calves covered.


my penis is genetically best.

my calves are genetically shit.


My chest is genetically my best



My best are quads and triceps. I think I'd trade the triceps for delts. Don't think I'd trade the quads for anything.


I don't know if this makes sense. Back (upper) genetically the best and developing consistently well. Conversely I feel my chest is weak. Some may say this is not a bad thing but it sucks not to be able to bench as well as people smaller than me.


my genetics grant me a good back, lats, chest, quads. have the worse possible genetics in arms, delts, calves, and adominals.

wouldnt trade anything at the moment, but wish to have better arms and delts.



1) penis
2) strong legs i.e natural jumping ability. (i cant jump for shit, 1.78m and i can hardly touch the damn backboard :confused: and woe is to me cause i play basketball *shannon brown/russel westbrook ftw!)
3) broader shoulders, cause my shoulders are naturally slanted downwards.


Well I know I have genetically good calves, they kick fucking ass. About everything else though... I don't know, I don't think I'm big enough in any other area to claim that I'm genetically gifted/ungifted. Well I do have high lat insertions, that's about as far as I'll go.


I'm not saying my genetics are superior to anyone elses, but I'm very happy with what I have. That's all that really matters at the end of the day. I work hard for it though (we all do) so that's our enjoyment out of life. We've earned the right to sport our Tmuscle shirt's the way we do is how I look at it.

Our gym attendant at my college is on the b-ball team and constantly reminds everybody he doesn't work out b/c it's boring to him. He says he prefers Xbox and cartoons. I tell him you shouldn't contaminate the weight room just b/c your life sucks.

My calves are my weakest point also. I envy you in that aspect TS.


Triceps are my best

Calves are my worst, who needs em anyway


1.) Back/Lats
2.) Traps
3.) Shoulders

1.) Calves (If your looking at me from the side, and i turn my back to you, they dissappear)
2.) Biceps

I wouldnt trade my back for anything, but i do love massive delts <3


whats sup. lol u damn joker sia penis.


I don't like my shoulders. I have good calves.


This is one of those 'worthless without pics' threads


-hips (glutes, etc)

-upper chest


Judging by your av you have alot of goodness.


:slightly_smiling: Thank you sir!


Those are big calves, from that angle they look like they're gaining on you thighs. What do those suckers measure anyways?


15 3/4 inches. My thighs in that pic are about 22 inches around mid thigh, I think.


I don't know if I have really good anything, especially as I am early on in my growth. I would trade anything I do have for great delt genetics though.