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Genetics, People, Dogs

Ok I just linked over to the beginner section and was reading a section on calories

And I got to this part

With this article I’m throwing down the gauntlet. This is your wake up call if you’ve ever made any of the following statements:

  "I eat a lot of food. In fact, it feels like I'm eating all day! But I just can't get any bigger."

  "I can't gain a pound of muscle. My parents are both skinny, so it must be genetic."

  "I've always had a fast metabolism. That's why I can stay lean but can't get any bigger."

  "I'm scared to go on a bulking diet because I don't want to lose my abs."

  "I've tried mass-building diets before and put on a little muscle, but most of the weight I gained was fat."

Sound familiar? Then this article is for you, toothpick legs.

Then a thought came up this is very true but I Think genetics play a big role in this.

Why well a relative of mine has a Pitbull and I have a German Shepherd Dog
they both eat 3 cups of the same dog food for years and both go out in the same sized hard for what seems to be the same exercise well the pitbull has muscle all over it and my german shepherd seems to also have muscle but he’s leaner and no were near the muscularity of the pitbull now I’m not putting my poor shepherd down because his genetics alow him to do alot more things better then the pitbull but he’s just average in all of them

I also had a Lab that I feed the same amount of food to and he was taken for more walks and played more fetch due to his friendly demeaner yet he was a fat ass

If Person A took a Grayhound and put him on a resistamce training program with alot of calories my guess would be that he would be only slightly bigger and maybe have a pot belly

Person B puts his Pitbull in a cage for 3 years with little to no exercise and the Pitbull will be bigger each time.

To people I have seen alot of people with big traps before they have trained with weights after training with weights they have huge traps.

I have seen people with small traps before they train have slightly bigger traps after but I’d love to see a before pic of someone before they trained with small traps then huge one’s latter, and not a pic were the before person is 14-19 years old

My point is genetics vary the same in people and if you want the best results for you then you must not make this a excuse but it is a real thing and it seems a lot of the Pitbulls on these forums tend to forget this.

There are many different body types. Some bigger, some smaller. All will benefit from proper weight training and diet.

If you are the smaller size guy you will still be accepted here as long as you do not whine about it or claim that you get more chicks at your size or claim you don’t want to add muscle as it will interfere with your BJJ and all around ass kicking abilities.

No reason to bitch weights are the best thing that can happen to a skinny guy except food what I posted above was just a thought and I figured I wait and see what good reading will follow it.

I’m here to question and learn thats it nothing else.