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Genetics Got Me, Guys. I Just Can't Do It


I’ve been lifting for 1.5 years. This does not seem the way with my physique.

My Log

Look at my log guys, Look at my first post, I weigh 153lbs, 6’ there.

I weigh 180 lbs now, but guess what guys, its all fat.

I took the advice and started eating more.

I’m fine with fat guys, don’t get me wrong, I dont mind gaining fat as long as I gain muscle bros. But I didn’t gain anything guys.

I’m so depressed right now, I cant even tell anyone. I told my friends no one cares guys. The sad truth is, its genetics, I cant do anything about it.

I have a training partner, who began in September with 75lbx8 bench, I did 105x8 at that time. Same diet, same training routine guys, but now he benches 135x8 and I am still at 115x5.

I literally am heartbroken right now. I’m writing this post to just get my feelings out guys. I’ll post a picture soon, but its literally just fat guys, I havent gained anything, I’m literally almost in tears right now.

It sucks to work so hard on something (lifting every single day, no breaks, no pauses) but I have nothing to show for it guys.

Fuck genetics guys, but genetics has me beat in this game.


Looking through your log, I gave you a lot of advice that you ignored.

Are you saying that was a product of genetics?


Ok. Let me see the advice again.

But here is the conundrum: Why is it working for my partner but not me? He’s getting jacked every single day, gaining strength every single time on the program I created, so why the f*** not me man? His arms grew almost 2 inches. Its fucking depressing to see this. MY program sucks, but its doing the job for him, so why not me?

*Edit. I did follow the advice and alternate rep ranges every time, but I still plateau.


Different people responding differently to a certain workout doesn’t mean your genetics are bad or can’t be overcome. You have been given a lot of good advice by a lot of people that are a lot stronger and more physically impressive than you. Yet, for the most part you have ignored it or arrogantly disregarded it. Get on a solid program, put in a solid year of work, eat enough, sleep enough and if you ask questions, listen.


Just read a bunch of articles on the tnation part of the site and pick a different program/approach. -loads of different effective strategies to try


First problem is that you started out with a self made program. Different people respond differently to different kinds of training. Pick a program made by someone who knows his shit and focus on getting stronger. Programs like Starting Strength, Bill Starr’s 5x5, GreySkull LP and others both make you stronger and bigger.

You claim in your training log that you have more knowledge than most people, yet you dismiss recommendations from people who know more than yourself. You can choose to bang your head against a wall and go nowhere or actually take the advice that’s given to you and start going somewhere.


Maybe you need to realy get motived, stick to one program , i had plenty of motivation.
Getting bullied at school , having gyno at 13 , when i trained i felt as though it is life or death im not living like this any more.
While at elite level superior genetics are necessary, at lower level ive seen hard workers , while taking longer eventually out doing the guys with better genetics.
But if you are to give up you dont wont it enough.
I used to dry heave before squat workouts, becuase i knew , shit was going to get deep , i sat up all night going to squat 225 for 10 , getting the lift wasnt question, knowing i was up for fight though.
And i swear to my god the Hawk if i knew who you were , and you were on smart phone between sets, and you’re crying about bad genetics, i would never give you advice.


Ok,so here’s my advice

-Pick some compound movements that address every single muscle in your body
I’d go by bench,overhead press,squat,deadlift,barbell row

-Write down where you are on these movements strength wise

-Add 20-50 kg on these in the course of the next year,and yeah YOU CAN ADD ALL THIS WEIGHT

-Until then don’t even think of your phisyque

-At that point,if you haven’t added a significant ammount of muscle I’ll send you 100 bucks

Program wise I’d go with 531 boring but big

Your strength goals can also be rep record based.For example you do not have to chase a 100 kg bench,you can go after 80 kg x 12


Don’t alternate rep ranges everytime; use a logic and sustainable progression model that includes a variety of rep ranges.

You need to give up on the idea that you know how to train and hitch your wagon to someone else. I highly recommend running 5/3/1 for beginners.


Are training sessions missing from your log because it looks like you barely went to the gym?


Is this really all you’ve done since August 16th? What exactly did you expect to happen?


you’ve already had a thread where you cried about your genetics.

What are you hoping for from this thread? I’m not trying to be rude or aggressive, so I apologise if that’s how I’m coming across, but I’m really not sure what it is you’re looking for?

It seems to me you are not cut out for this, as you clearly need instant gratification and are not willing to put in the consistent effort required. You will not get instant gratification from this hobby, so I suggest you pick something else.

There’s lots of ways to get in shape. Pick one you enjoy and pursue that.


Yes, I want to be bigger and stronger one day. I’ve been trying for 1 fucking year man I’ve gained nothing. You don’t know how it feels like to have 0 progress for one fucking year. “I’m not cut out for this.” I’m not trying to be rude or aggressive, so I apologise if that’s how I’m coming across, but fuck you.


No. I stopped logging because I didnt have time, but I haven’t skipped a gym day since Sept 5 – 7days a week. I just wasnt getting any stronger so I stopped logging altogether.


I’ve been reading about 5/3/1. And people almost made 0 progress on upper body lifts.

I’m still wanting to try it out but I recently read about PHAT/PHUL

What is your opinion on PHAT/PHUL?


What have your last 7 workouts looked like?


You’ve said yourself you don’t update your log consistently, so there’s no really useful reason for us to look there.

You can’t blame genetics when you’ve got a shit training plan and, probably, shit nutrition.

If you’re training 7 days a week, meaning you’re in the gym lifting weights 7 days a week, your program has to be dialed in 100% and programmed properly. The few workouts I saw in your log are not appropriate for lifting 7 days a week. Problem solved, you’re welcome. Funny how that’s not really anything anyone hasn’t told already, it just didn’t sink in for you.




“Hey man, I don’t mean to insult you, so sorry if that’s how it comes across, but your mother’s a whore.”


Then they probably weren’t doing it right.


I have made singificant progress on my upper body lifts. From running the program since Dec, I have gone for 8x255 to 10x296 on axle bench.

Also, Vincent Dizenzo benched 600lbs raw in multiple weight classes using 5/3/1. Pressed something like 400lbs too.

Once again; you need to quit thinking you know anything about training.