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Genetics Aren't Real


We have the same gene code. Face it, you are an elite specimen, and any failures you face can be attributed to either a lack of hard work or plain unluckiness in life. Bodybuilding, like many other endeavors, requires only time, resources, dedication, and luck.


I agree with your message. But we do NOT have the same genetic code. Carry on.


I would recommend reading this:

oh, and posting in a troll thread


WE ALL have the same genetic code? am i reading that right or are my eyes completely boggled.


Yess, you can inherit your fathers broad shoulders, but without work they might never appear. Or, your fathers slender shoulders may become broad on you. Things like bone thickness have a certain amount of genetic coding in them, but also are strongly influenced by natural factors and experience. Troll thread? Nope, I just can't post in the T-cell because there is a weight requirement and PX doesn't like divergent opinions.


Lol, well at least the thread has a good message.

Hard work, dedication and a solid plan can take many people farther than they can imagine. Just need to put in the time and be happy with the results...Everyone can look a lot different than "average."


Do you believe that, for example, a normal 30 year old man can increase the LENGTH of his clavicles?


You do realize that people even with identical genes express different phenotypes, right? That identical twins have different traits (finger prints, facial structures, etc) despite having the exact same genetic code? What makes you think muscle mass is exempt from this?

There are so many genetic factors in bodybuilding and powerlifting they are beyond naming. Muscle fiber type distribution, natural levels of test/gh/thyroid/etc, muscle insertions, anthropometric variables, and so on..

The vast majority of the population is equipped to build a decent physique and beyond normal strength levels, and way too many people hide behind their "bad genetics", but to say that we all have the same genetic potential is just delusional. We all can build admirable physiques.. but very few people in the world have potential to be a future Mr. Olympia.


What does luck have to do with it??

Oh ya, genetics


Best thing about this thread?

That people are going to continue arguing with this twat troll for another few pages before starting to cannibalize each other as OP fades into the background with a bag of popcorn.

Round of applause in advance for this effort.


Beyond the typical, "how do you know until your try" response that would oh so suitably destroy whatever attempt at a response you just posted, and the reality that if you put a man on a galley ship, make him row 10 hours a day and feed him enough food (above slave levels, despite the slave labour) he will grow, whats your point? You are a man, not a preprogrammed robot who can't exceed expectations.


Yes, you are still alive, that's pretty lucky. You have a gene code, that's pretty lucky.


And this is why you're small. You're watching Ben Hur instead of Conan. Clearly, Arnold was bigger than Charlton Heston. Find a giant wheel thing posted into the ground and walk in a circle for 10 hours a day while eating enough food (above slave levels) and you'll make far better progress.
Ben Hur and rowing...jeez. kids these day amaze me.


I won't even read it. Popcorn my ass, I eat pizza and burgers. My progress is quite apparent. Your is too. Its a shame there isn't a 16 inch arm thread, a younger steve reeves wouldn't fit in on this site very well. And he still trumps many on this board when it comes to physique, not that much has changed since his time.

In fact, and I've never been this bold before, I'm easily one of the better developed posters here. I doubt many here bring a better 160lb body than me, and there are weight classes for a reason. I know what I am, lean and muscular. You tell me that I'm too small? Let's see how big you are with full abs.

People here need to get over numbers, those are only relevant to weightlifting.

Genetics do not determine success, its how you live that will make that decision.


I'm impressed with OP's ability to change from one gay avatar to another equally gay avatar.


You haven't answered my question, Kanada.


  1. You look like shit, even for 160 lbs. You by no means have a "good" body.
  2. The difference between the person who won the gold medal in the olympics and the person who didn't make it to the finals? Genetics. Top athletes put in the same amount of work, they all want it, they all have access to the top coaches, the main thing that differentiates them amongst each other is genetics.


What an idiot...

Genetics have nothing to do with it?

Dorian Yates benched 315lb the first time he ever benched...when he was 16!!! yeah genetics have nothing to do with it,



Let's add another to the ignore list...


Any proof ?? he looked pretty damn skinny when he was young...and I wouldnt say he had beasty genetics more like a great stack lol