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Genetics and So-Called Homophobia


Since some homosexuals like to argue that they are "born this way" and suggest that homosexuality has a genetic basis, I would like to argue that so-called homophobia also has a genetic basis, which is quite simple.

The background is the hard part....


Ovulation in human females is a vestige of the estrus cycle that early humans invariably possessed. Much like other animals, early humans could not expend energy on things like leisure sex because their energies had to be conserved for things like survival, reproduction and things which improved the inclusive fitness of their tribe.

It wasn't until later on, when humans had attained the means for leisure activities that recreational sex became (evolutionarily) feasible.

Homosexuality for whatever you think of it is just a deviant form of recreational sex (sex with no genetic offspring.)

Your sex drive is really driven by your DNA, and the desire of the DNA to replicate itself.

Hence the genetic basis for so-called homophobia:

Any homosexual union will deprive at least one set of grandparents out of having their DNA replicated via grand kids. This is not even taking into account the joy that grandchildren bring to grandparents. At least one set of grandparents in homosexual unions get cheated out of their genetic interests, period.


Was this English? Sorry man, but I'm not following. Reword your statement so it has more of a thesis and a point and I'll interject.


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What happened to the original quality thread?


Is it? How can nucleic acid have a 'desire'? Now if you'd have said the brain/hormones of gay people might be biologically adapted/hardwired to avoid reproduction, I'd say your argument is well reasoned...and quite at odds with much of your other nonsense.


Well fuck, there goes blow jobs and masturbation. And anal! Hetero blow jobs and anal!

I am straight, I love women. I know if I was told I would have to resist the urge to fuck women I would probably be able too most of the time, with lots of jacking off. But the urge would always be there and some times I would just have to go for it.

I can't pretend to know what a homosexual feels. I guess it takes one to know one, so what is it you are saying exactly, OP?


Apparently digital information stored in DNA has mystical powers that somehow transmit ethical energy or some such.

OP, please elaborate.


You all don't get it yet because he's still building his argument. Once he gets to the part about why homosexuals, women who menstruate, grandparents and people who engage in sex for leisure owe American blacks reparations for past grievances this will all make sense to you.




When it comes to human behavior there is an interplay of genetics and environment that will always be debated. The sad thing about the debate is that many people on one side of the argument could not tell a Kreb's cycle from a tricycle. Between religious zealots and homosexuals there is also a lot of emotion involved in this issue.

Natural selection is actually quite dispassionate.

People who breed pass on their alleles (if you prefer that term better) to their offspring. People that don't breed, don't.

Homosexual unions give (at least) one set of grandparents the genetic shit end of the stick, and the joy of seeing a little baby who resembles themselves and other loved ones (think alleles) , hence the genetic basis for so-called homophobia.


I think most are born with it. I have seen kids who looked light in their loafers sure enough turn out to be gay. I mean little 5 -6 years old have already displayed tendencies...Not sexual tendencies, but liking things they shouldn't like, most of their friends are girls (yes at five), talk with a lisp..The whole nine. In the end I don't give fuck though, who is or isn't gay or why.

BTW, wifey's an elementary school teacher, hence why I have had the opportunity to see so many kids in action.


While I can certainly understand why parents and grandparents might find it disappointing to discover their offspring/descendants have chosen not to reproduce....I'm curious where this line of reason ends. Are you implying these feelings would justify violence against people because they are gay? What about hetero-people that choose not to reproduce; wouldn't that be just as diappointing to their parents and grandparents?


If homosexuality is unnatural nature makes entirely too much of them.

In the end the final arbiter when it comes to what is natural is nature.


Most of my friends at that age were girls and I still have something of a lisp, and yet I'm straight.

I liked Transformers though.


Sure you don't give a fuck who people fuck, unless you had two children. Then you would chose bouncing your actual grandchildren on your knees over staring across the dinner table at your offspring's same sex lover discuss possibly adopting or child or going childless. I think this is people's natural disposition.


No. Natural selection determines what alleles will dominate.


And yet, here they are-

Nature > you.


Again, it goes back to the interplay of genes and environment. If you think it is genetic, then it is a trait that would select against itself because of its low odds of reproduction, as opposed to so called homophobia which is really just as simple of people wanting offspring.

Just curious, do you think pedophilia is also a genetic trait?


is this a joke thread or is this shit serious?? :open_mouth:


Oh good another thread on homosexuality. Now if we could just have one more on religion.