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Genetically Modified Mighty Mouse


Who wants to sign up for the trials on humans?



Interesting article. Thanks!


Lixy, did you find out if theres a price tag for that mouse?


I would spend half my life savings for "gene therapy" on that PEPCK-C gene. Who cares if I have to eat more food? I already eat a buttload, but I'd happily eat twice that amount if I would turn in the the Flash or something. Imagine the possibilities with that kind of speed and endurance.....

I'm gonna have to check out this study group and find out what homologous enzymes do in humans.


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as cool as that mouse is, i think hearing the squeek of the wheel in its cage at all hours in the middle of the night would piss me off


That is some cool shit. I'm sure it won't be long before humans give this type of stuff a go, and I would definitely sign up. There are some genetic modifications that can be done with relatively simple treatments like injecting modified retroviruses. I always wondered if a human got a hold of some of this stuff and experimented.