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Genetically Gifted?


Ok, so been doing Rippetoe Starting Strength for four months (started Feb 1st).

Starting stats...

Ht 6'2 195lbs BF%-?
Bench 1RM 165
Squat 1RM 135 (i know...)
Deadlift 1RM 115


Ht 6'2 218lbs BF%-?
Bench 5RM 200
Squat 5RM 235
Deadlift 5RM 295

Still doing the Starting Strength, I don't want to stop because I am still getting stronger. I haven't even looked at other programs yet. I see everyone talking about periodization and dual factor, and I just hope I keep making gains like this forever. Lost some time in there because for two months I didn't have a partner and was too scared to load up on bench press, so for two months I only went up 15 lbs on bench.

I put on alot of weight in the first two months and have kind of plateaud on the body weight, but I am still growing. My waist is the same size, but my chest and quads are noticeably bigger. Arms haven't grown much, but I haven't done any direct arm work at all, been following Rippetoe to a 'T'.

Am I genetically gifted? I didn't think this kind of progress would be possible.


How old are you?

Chances are, you're pretty genetically gifted. Speaking of genetically gifted: I think it was TC who mentioned someone who worked for Biotest who ate Metabolic Drive, Grow! and Surge right from the tub who was like 6'4 260 naturally. And by naturally, he said, he didnt even lift.


Congrats on your progress. These are commonly called newbie gains. It's a combination of neurological and musclear adaption in an untrained body so the initial result is "Damn". Don't get too cocky though because these gains do slow drastically. I gained almost 45 lbs of lean muscle in my first year of training but slowed to 5 lb yearly average since.

Genetically Gifted? Maybe slightly genetically above average but true genetics are guys like Arnold, Sean Ray and Flex Wheeler who were pro bodybuilders at 23. Always remember it's not how fast you can get there but how far you can go that really matters.


sorry, you aint genetically gifted, (wouldn't that be great?) it's just newbie gains. good job though.


I am 27 years old. And I can live with not being genetically gifted, as long as these newbie gains keep going for just a little while longer. Through 2008 would be perfect.


speaking of genetics how do you dertermine what a good weight would be for your frame? im 6'3 296 22 year old and i havent been below 200 pounds since i was like.... 10 years old lol can i resonably expect to get to 250 lean? or should i aim lower to something like 220 lean?

im still a newbie only a few months in and im 210 lean weight


At 6'3 250lbs lean isn't too far out there. its not gonna come easy but 250lbs at under 10% bodyfat thats pretty much my goal right now and I'm barely 6'


Shouldn't you be posting pics of your abs and asking people if you should cut?

Your gains are decent, but they only look impressive to you because you started off so weak. No one with the following stats:

Bench 5RM 200
Squat 5RM 235
Deadlift 5RM 295

Should be patting themselves on the back.


I think I should point out that you misquoted me.


Either way you cut it. Its still better than decent gains...its not where you are at, but how far you came from where you were and where you are going...I give him a pat on the back.
good job man!


I suspect a few of your initial 1RM's are low. I mean hell, even my 50 year old mother could 1 rep a Deadlift at 115lbs, let alone a young guy who weights almost 200lbs. Did you even try to find your one rep Squat and Deadlift max when you started? :-p

But regardless, good improvements. Stick with it.


Yeah, I actually did try my 1RMs for those. Pretty pathetic, my back was severely lacking.

This is after being a computer geek for the past 6 years and doing no physical activity except push ups. (I know, don't tell me)


I don't mean to poke fun at you (too much), but what the hell do you think the body is going to do?

Being a previously sendentary computer geek myself, I sympathize, but really, the body is made to be used... to work, and the fact we live in modern society and don't understand our bodies doesn't mean they can't recover if we learn how to treat them a little better.

Even if we are commputer geeks.

I still have a hell of a long way to go, but I take pleasure in being introduced to people and having them ask what I do for a living. Oh, I'm a computer programmer... I type on a keyboard for a living.

You can tell they are puzzling over the disparity between the fact you don't look like a gimp and what you do for a living.