Genetic Sampling Has Begun

One of Bushes greatest acts. Even better then the Patriot act.

All 50 states must collect DNA samples of newborn babies. This is done in Secret and parents are not informed. You must be proactive you don’t want this and are expecting a baby.

This also slipped under the Radar. Sad Sad Sad. My son had his Stolen without our knowledge. Its a very violating experience. We really feel sick, like something was taken from us without our knowledge.

If they don’t get a dna sample, how are they going to be able to download your most recent memory and personality save into a clone body upon death?

AHhh ok, I see where Gregus is coming from.

This was discussed on the History Channel show, That’s Impossible .

there are watching YOU. OMG man!!

They take a genetic sample and use it for research. That research will yield billions in profits from new treatments and therapies. It’s a boon for the pharmaceutical companies in the future. They’ll profit from it handsomely.

Everyone’s unique dna code is their sovereign property. Noone has the right to take it WITHOUT ASKING to use in any fields of medicine or experiments. That’s Sneaky theft plain and simple.