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Genetic Potential

The steroid forum seemed like the place for this.

Is there any rule of thumb for how much LBM is maintainable with good nutrition and a solid workout routine w/o AAS. By good nutrition i mean about 1g/lb LBM protein per day and a workout routine that is intense but doeesnt consume ones life.

Maybe based on height? I know there are genetic differences but you could still find a range that most people fall into.

For a not-so-hypothetical example, Im just curious where a 6’ natural ectomorph would top out without AAS.

As a secondary question, once you go beyond with AAS, do you need them to stay there?


I am by no means the expert, but if you are indeed at your genetic potential steroids will push you past it. Those gains will be kept (with proper PCT). If you are 6’ and you top out at 230 naturally, the juice may push you to 250. At which point you should be able to maintain probably 80% of that without having to stay “on” all the time.

Atleast that is what I think :wink:

Your only going to know what your genetic potential is if you stay clean. No one can tell u what your limits are. Especially strength limits.
Keep working on ur diet and training techniques.

I mean look at what Barry Bonds can do at 40+… J/K.

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