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Genetic Potential


id like to first start off by sayin i know im too young to cycle. ive just been researching and have some questions for when i begin to in the distant future

ive always read that AAS shouldnt be started until maximum genetic potential is reached. ive been 5'10 and worn a size 12 shoe since about the 7th grade (age 12/13). im now 18 and those numbers are the same. ive been training for about 3-4 years and my lifts are bench around 300, squat and deadlift lower 500. my lifts have recently started to return to their peaks after several injuries and a surgery. im making decent gains and would not start a cycle until i felt my lifts have caught up to where they should be. i plan to reach around 230 solid before starting any cycles.

how does this sound? im not sure of the rules here so forgive me if im getting myself in trouble by talking about this. im a bb.com user and know these things arent talked about there and through lurking on tnation, it seems as if the rules are a little more lax here




No what? Im not asking if I should start now.i clearly stated that that wasn't the case. Im asking how I can know when my genetic potential is reached. I've heard everything from 20-25. I know everyone is different and there's no way everyone is matured by the same age.


I don't think that "genetic potential" is determined by age. I would argue that it is more determined by physical development.

Regardless, you should not start a cycle until you are at least out of your teen years.


Genetic potential isnt a number. Obviously.

When you get there, you'll know. Yes. You will just know.


By the sounds of things, it seems you are actually asking when the body matures and stops developing (e.g. growth end plates close)? Is that what you mean by genetic potential? If you actually mean genetic potential as in how much muscle your body can carry naturally, likes BONEZ said, you will know.


Ok, i'm personally somone who listened to the whole being a fully developed man an 25 before start using AAS, an everyone ive seen on this board has constantly told the teens who post NO TOO YOUNG STOP , but then those same kids know how young arnold was when he started an those same kids just seen 23 yr old Alexei Lesukov make a huge name for himself .. an the urge to plung into this lifestyle there are risks everyday.. walking across the damn street but if you think being a dick to these teens is gonna stop them from finding AAS an chasing there cosmetic dreams your wrong... an yea sure all the information an the best information is in the stickies but he wants personal advice from the very knowledgable people on this forum is why he posted an i dont know if i totally agree you need to be out of your teens.. clearly people have been extremely successful starting in there teens..including most all the top bodybuilders to this day .. just my thoughts


If someone doesnt have the potential to make plenty of money as a bodybuilder there is absolutely no reason to rush the use of drugs. NONE. The risk/reward ratio is miserable for teenagers. And if this kid doesnt have that potential your post is irrelevant. And yes, you can know if someone has the potential by looking at bone structure and muscle bellies, etc.

And if you think the risk of crossing a street is the same as using strong drugs youre a complete jackass. You can look both ways to make sure no cars are coming. You cant know a teenagers body wont get permanently damaged by using drugs. I mean obviously I dont take your post seriously at all as you couldnt even figure out how to type separate sentences, but that analogy was so asinine I had to address it.


well i guess im more ignorant than i thought but i assumed my genetic potential was mainly bone structure. i mean i knew there was a point where strength and mass gains significantly decrease. so youre saying they will actually stop? i just assumed progress slowed but there was still gains made

EDIT: i just want to repeat im not considering getting on any sort of AAS as of now. im just wondering for a couple years down the road


"The risk/reward ratio is miserable for teenagers" im sure you got some kinda study backing this? im real curious to see... an im not arguing the fact that AAS are dangerous im arguing the fact that there isnt a specific AGE to start. an as for looking both ways before you cross the road you can research every possible avenue of approach with AAS an still get messed up what ever your age may be .. an im a jackass? classy


I specifically said risk reward ratio pertaining to age because its obvious there is no specfic age. Risk reward ratio is a sliding scale. For any particular person the risk of permanent damage goes up the younger he decides to use. There is no point comparing two people as no one has the same genes.

Your comment about hurting yourself at any age is exactly my point. You can know for a fact that no cars are coming but you cant know for a fact that aas wont do damage. Im not sure why that needed to be repeated

It is well accepted that Man X is taking less of a risk starting at age 28 than he is by srarting at age 18. Never once did i say there was no risk. If you dont believe starting young increases the risk then Id like to sell you a bridge or two.

I do like the improvement though. Very sneaky slipping that sole period into that whole post. And you thought i was going to miss it...


LOL!!!!!! you can insult me an make me laugh at the same time you are talented my friend. BACK TO MY QUESTION.... bonez im just asking where is the proof of or any ACTUAL facts stating that the man at 28 is risking less then the kid at 18? an you are absolutely right nobody has the same gene's. but what im trying to get at the top bodybuilders in the world started in there teens..NOT ALL but definatly some an your point about you can look an tell at a teen if he has it.. do you know what lou ferrigno looked like when he was a teen ? i don't think i agree with you on that either im trying really hard with the punctuation also maybe you can teach me all you know about AAS an at the same time tutor me on my gramma it'd be much appreciated!


Why do you keep referring to top bodybuilders? How do they apply to some random kid you know nothing about (OP, I know youve stated you arent going to use at 18)? Furthermore, all bodybuilders national level amateurs and better (and plenty of guys only doing amateur regional shows) are on AAS all year round. If a kid wants to start at 18 and go for the big time he may as well be prepared to stay on (blast and cruise) for the next 20 years.

And yes we do know what ferigno looked like as a teen, there are pictures. We know what cutler and branch looked like as well. Same for ronnie. Youre still missing my point about this. 99.9% of people dont have the genetics to make money in bodybuilding. That alone should be enough to get 100% of teenagers to not use.

Additionally, an 18 year old looking to turn pro within ten years is not missing out on anything by training without AAS for 2 years or so. If he has the genetics to go pro he'll grow like a weed and in perfect proportion.

Why do you keep asking if there is proof that an 18 yaer old man's endocrine system is not as developed as it will be at 28? Do you not understand how puberty works? I feel like I'm talking to someone with no experience at all and that this is a huge waste of time. It's like youre asking me to prove that the sky is blue. There are studies showing that some men finish puberty after their 21st birthday, go find them.


Genetic potential is not the right metric. Everyone's genetic potential will increase with the use of AAS, but there is still a limiting genetic factor. I think what you mean is you'd like to trying gain as much lean mass as possible without AAS and then you might consider using them. That's fair and not uncommon, but your genetic potential is relative depending on whether you are using AAS or not.


I think there is way too much emphasis placed on genetics. Exactly what biological factor limits some from being freaks on aas or being mediocre?


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Homie, another thing that separates them from us is having nothing else to do all day but focus on diet and training, massive amounts of steroids, gh, slin, ect. I think if you pump anyone full of that much perf enhancement and train them and make them diet like the pros you will have a monster on your hands. Myostatin genes would obviously help but that gene is super rare rite?


who the fuck is this kid??


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Ive been watching these forums for awhile but just recently made an account. You flame me in an earlier thread because I apparently had a bad cycle plan, but no1 bothered to explain why it was a bad idea and insulted me instead lol.