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Genetic Potential (Strange Measurements)


Hi guys I am new and am a natural trainee and tried one of the genetic muscle calculator things

At the moment I am around 10% Bf measurements as follows:

wrist 6.5
ankle 9
height 69

Arms 14
chest 40 ...this is pretty normal

Here is where I am confused......

Waist 27
Calves 17
Thighs (quads whatever) 28.

I have never trained my calves in my life and I only started training legs at 26 thinking that it will produce extra test to help my upper body grow :frowning: (and yes I have done proper measurements I look kind of strange)

According to the calculator my max genetic calve potential is 16 with training. I am so annoyed no matter what i do i cant get my upper body to grow. I refrain from training legs because i don't want to have 35 inch legs and 22 inch calves with pathetic 14 inch arms. But in doing so im afraid that im jeopardizing my upper body development.

Q1. Does any one else have such a genetic Imbalance?
Q2. Why is my upper body not growing? 9 I follow a very standard upper body workout and am not over training)
Q3. I believe in genetic limits but what the hell is up with my calves?

Thanks guys.


Don't pay attention to this shit.


Dude im sitting behind a computer waiting for a response not abuse.


I'm telling you to not pay attention to that genetic potential stuff.
Just doing grip work increases my wrist measurement minimum 1/2". It changes, and it's not something to focus your mental energy on. So don't pay attention to it.


There's your problem


Ok sorry about that. Why don't you think genetic limits exist? Isn't there a point where the body can't hold up so much muscle? or the rate of protein synthesis stalls?


Here read this thread:



Change your program and do more direct arm work.

Eat a shit ton of protein and quality food.

Rinse and repeat for 10 years.


There is such a thing as genetic potential, BUT there is no such thing as a person that has maxed it out. Everyone can ALWAYS make improvements because you can never do everything absolutely perfectly. So, why worry about a genetic limit that is impossible to reach?


what are your current measurements? im just curious to how close you are to your genetic potential. with those measurements that you posted, i'd bet $100 you can surpass them.


Thats not abuse thats the truth.

Dont pay attention to what a calculation tells you is your limit.


14 inch arms, and 28 inch thighs?

What are you a kangaroo?


lol, no he just did starting strength for two years


Since your bodyparts can only grow to a certain size, when they surpass their "genetic limit" the size has to come from somewhere. All of you arm gains are going to your legs, this is probably because you pissed off God. Quit masturbating and your arms should become proportional.


hahahhaha probably. I think it is because i used to do lots of sport and sprinting when i was younger, But seriously i need to beef up my arms.


dude don't exceed your genetic potential as stated by that formula

that's like dividing by zero, shits gonna get crazy...


i want to see pics!



Please explain picture? IQ of 96 here


oh how I have missed the Begginers Section