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'Genetic Potential', Gear and Me


Hey everyone,

I have been cruising the forums and reading a lot about gear and one day would like to start cycling. I believe I am not ready to use them yet. Possibly after another year of hard training but nonetheless I would like to know what you guys think of when I can start cycling.

First off

I am 24 and will be turning 25 on June 5th.

I have 5 years of training experience spread out over 7 years. Two years off from training due to a motor vehicle accident that left me unable to train. I have a few nagging things from it but nothing serious anymore. Thank God. I train my ass off in the gym and have tried almost every legal supplement there is over the last 3 years, with nothing that has been outlawed.

My diet is very good. I view food as fuel for my body and am disgusted by fast food and most food made in restaurants in general. I work in a restaurant/pub and I know how everything is deep fried, covered in grease, etc. Before I would of thought some of it was decent. Fuck no.

Training is very good as well. I hit it hard and heavy.

I am not a fat guy.

I am emotionally stable.

I have also read about genetic potential.
I have compared myself to my other family members. None of them train weight lifting but many play sports.

Me - 24 6'2 185lbs 13.5% bf (this is what I am predicting my end weight will be. Currently I am 195.5 18.2% bf_

Male Cousin 1 - 21 6'4 180lbs guess 12% bf lacrosse player
Male Cousin 2 - 29 6'6 225lbs chubby
Male Cousin 3 - 27 6'2 165lbs lean, soccer player
Male Cousin 4 - 27 6'6 220lbs chubby, lazy pos
Male Cousin 5 - 24 6 150lbs skinny as fuck
Male Cousin 6 - 19 6'1 220lbs 28% bf guess, hockey player, drinks to much
Male Cousin 7 - 24 6'0 160lbs lean

Sister 1 - 32 5'11 175lbs guess, chubby
Sister 2 - 16 5'9 no idea weight, lean kid, still a kid

Female Cousin 1 - 24 6'6 210lbs basketball player
Female Cousin 2 - 24 5'11 160lbs volleyball player

I am currently doing the V-Diet cutting off bf.

My current pics are there.


I started developing a plan for myself for a cycle but decided to hear feedback on this first. I will still read more about steroids and learn more before I decide/am ready to do steroids. I don't want to do them to early and ruin myself for the future. 24 (25 soon) is still young!

Thanks in advance TMag Forum community!


Any pics of female cousins one and two?


I'm not trying to be harsh, but you are pretty thin considering you've be at it for five years. I wouldn't touch gear till you prove you can make some proper gains naturally. What are you lifts now and what were they when you first started (not straight away but after the first 3 months or so)


First off, you have a lot of room to grow.
Genetics do play an important role, but I'm guessing you are definately far from your max potential.

At this stage in your training and development, I believe you can adjust your body composition by just adding more lean mass, by focusing on your training and nutrition, opposed to using the v diet.


I checked my ego at the door so nothing is harsh to me. From 18-21ish I could not train due to a car accident. Then 21-22.5 was rehab, then last 2.5 years training with last year or so a lot better than before.
Donâ??t remember lifts pre accident but they were in the vicinity of 175 bench, 225 deadlift and 245 squat.
Last summer my lifts were bench 195, deadlift 305, squat 285
Just before I started cutting my lifts were bench 215, deadlift 350x2, squat 355
I am here to learn and better myself. Thatâ??s why I didnâ??t attempt to lie about my weight, goals, height, age etc to get advice. I want to go about this the right way! Thanks!

I will weigh myself and see where I am. I had to much fat on myself and did not like how I look. I am more than happy with my progress and will look into LBM gains and work my nutrition and training around it.


just so no one thinks I have been lying about car accident.
this is my at 144lbs, April 2nd, 2005.


Dude, I am sorry about your accident. Im glad you have recovered. How long has it been since the accident? Simply from the stats and pictures it seems you have a shit ton of natural potential left and I would not reccomend gear for quite a while.


ya shit happens man! Thanks though. It happened March 4, 2005. So just over 6 years ago.

Thanks! That is why I created this thread so that I would not use a product to early. I want to reach my natural limits first. I have years and years ahead of me to train, I don't need to rush anything


How much are you eating?

If you want to gain muscle, then eat to gain. I wouldn't try cutting like you are yet... just get big, then cut fat.


In that thread that I posted I was eating 4000-4500 a day. I gained what I thought was to much fat (24% BF) so I cut down. I stopped the vdiet today after losing 20lbs of BF.

during vdiet I was eating 1650 on non workotu days and 1950 on work out days.
I am switching to 3000 on non workout and around 3400 on workout days for a week and then see how I go from there.

What would you guys suggest then for a workout plan. After seeing my pictures do you think a 5x5strong lifts plan, wendler 5,3,1 or a more specific hypertrophy plan would benefit me. Thanks guys, the community here helps me so much!


Don't bother with the extreme diets anymore. You need to build a solid frame first. If at anypoint you are feeling too fat, that you have to do something about it, just keep your calories at maintenance and increase your exercise volume. That way you may even be able to add a few pounds whilst cutting fat.

As for training, it doesn't matter what you do.

What DOES matter is that you follow these principles.

1) You aim to CONSTANTLY make some form of progress in your workouts. Either add a set or a rep or add some weight to the bar from one workout to the next. But whatever you do, MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROGRESSING. As you add to your lifts, you will get bigger, but you WILL NOT GET BIGGER UNLESS YOU ADD TO YOUR LIFTS.

2) Make sure your diet is in check. You need to get ample protein in, and consistently eat above maintenance. Don't be one of those people who THINKS they are eating 5000 calories and 300gramns of protein, but because they haven't properly assessed their diet (kept a food log etc.)is actually consuming much less. In time you get a feel for it without having to keep a religious log, I can keep track of my weeks calories in my head, but I wouldn't reccommend a beginner do that

3) Ensure you are recovering from your workouts. Without steroids, your recovery ability is limited. Its not for everyone, but for the average person like you it plays a big part.

4) Take care to learn proper form and learn when to back off. Success in this game long term is about not getting injured. It is of course inevitable at some point, but you want damage limitation if possible. Don't fuck yourself up and take yourself out of the game. The last thing you want is a back injury so you can no longer squat and deadlift.

That's it. Good luck.


Oh yeah, pics of female cousin one and two? Where are they? I think I've earned them!


thanks massiveguns!

I don't think my cousins would want to be posted on the forum hahahha. I can offer you this instead