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Genetic Insulin Resistance

Hello I’m had an old account on here a few years ago and found the information useful, thanks in advance to any info given.

I’ve been trying to loose weight for about 6 years and I’ve spent a lot of money on personal trainers and diets followed everything to the letter but I never really had much success, gave up put all the weight back on and then 6 months later restart the process.

After dropping weight last year I have just gone through the above process and I am dieting and exercising again. I saw my fathers doctor after he asked to see myself and my sister and he ran some tests and we have all have a high genetic resistance to insulin I think he said 4-5 times higher than normal.

He has prescribed some medication and told me it should fix my weight problems and there is a chance the meds may fix the problem with in 6 months but may take longer.

Has any one heard of anything like this before?

Well there is definitely a genetic component to it… whether that means you simply have bad genes for insulin sensitivity or perhaps your parents fed you a lot of crap growing up (me), it can definitely affect gene expression later on.

I’m curious as to what test he ran. Was it a blood test?

What medication? Metformin? Because that is actually quite effective. Bring up berberine with your doctor as well.

Yes has has given me Metformin, is the doctor correct is saying insulin is why i put weight on so quickly. I dont eat a lot of junk food or processed foods 90 percent of the time I eat paleo as junk food and processed foods and wheat make me unwell.

I’ll chat to him about berberine next week, what is it?