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Genetic Freak?


Hey everyone, I've been lifting for about a month now (but don't consider me uneducated. I've read almost everything written on this site as well as everything from Dave Tate and Louie Simmons) and I was wondering what my progress indicates. I'm 17, 6'1", and 195 lbs. and these are my lifts and improvements over the four weeks.

Bench Press: Was 195, is now 265
Below Parallel Box Squat: Was 295, is now 435
Deficit Deadlift(bar touching tops of feet): Was 275, is now 355
Vertical Leap: Was 29", is now 32"

Is this type of progress normal? And if it helps, my Dad was a great athlete so it could be genetic.
Anyways, Thanks.


Those are some pretty good gains. But I am sure the gains will start to slow way down in the upcoming months. That is the fun part. You need to start thinking and mixing things up to continue to progress.


If it's true, then yes you're a freak. Use that info to work even harder than most and you'll amaze yourself and compete at a high level.



I've only met two other guys in person that show improvements comparable to yours (taking into account that they're both uneducated fools whos diet/routine looked like that that the 24 hour fatness PT reccomend). Both are national caliber atheletes, and both were already miles ahead of everyone before even picking up a weight.


Those gains are insane! Especially the squat. I don't know whether you indicated if this is the first time lifting. The only way I'd say that it's close to average is if you had previously lifted.

Be careful though. Speaking from personal observation, the guys who are the most gifted are often the ones that become the laziest. They figure they don't have to work as hard, so they don't. That leads to to the less talented guy with the better work ethic excelling way ahead of the talented guy. Try not to become complacent and never get satisfied. Take advantage of your gift. If you can do that, great things will follow.


Assuming your form started well and remains constant, then yes, very good work. Keep it up.


Best I've ever done in 4 weeks was add 40 pounds to my squat...and I gain muscle and strength faster than most people I know...your numbers are crazy...


lol what were you doing in your workouts? could you outline it. Nooo I'm not going to be like "if it made such great gains for him, I should do the EXACT same workout". lol I'm just curious as to what his program looked like. Thanks, and that is badass gains, keep up the good work.



You've been lifting for 1 month, so in that month you've read everything on this site and Dave's and Louie's and you think that qualifies you as educated? You'll begin your education when you start to apply all that you've read to the weight room, then you'll get to know your body and what works and what doesn't work for you, and that can take years.

Your progress seems to be slightly above average for someone who has potential that just began 1 month ago, I've seen guys put 20 lbs on their bench in 1 week just by fixing their set up, you have chosen the path of the darkside, welcome aboard.


Not really.

I had one lifter I worked with, 17 years old, first week he came to train with us, with negligible weight training background squatted 355 for an easy triple, belt only, benched 200x3, and pulled 405 sumo for a double, belt only, at 158#'s bodyweight.

He had never deadlifted before, nor squatted below parallel.

That first week we just kept adding weight to the bar and having him triple to get a baseline.

He did one meet with us (USAPL)and totaled 1060 wearing only a belt and wraps at 164#'s with less than 3 months training.

That was pretty freaky. Unfortuately for us he is an exceptional hockey player and loved the game, so hockey won out.

Bottom line, gym lifts mean nothing. Post a total.


oh to be 17 again.....5'8" 175lbs...800lb 3-5 rep shrugs, 2000lb 22rep calf presses, 2500lb 37 rep leg presses, 605lbs 5-7 rep deads, 555lbs 20 rep squats, 415lbs 17 rep dips..............it won't last trust me slow down before you get injured...let me clarify slow down don't stop.

I had a very slight twinge in my left shoulder and just ignored it(for about five years) and three years ago it finally turned serious I had to stop lifting to let my injury heal. Shoulder imbalance got to love it, I'm still afraid to "put weight on it".I am doing push presses and db shoulder presses again but i'm taking it very slow and steady. I'm not trying to scare you but just take it a little slower, build the foundation then gradually go heavier and heavier.


Don't post on the forums because you want someone to pat you on the back. It's about one step above being a troll. Secondly, it's difficult to tell because we have no idea what your form looked like. That is to say, no one can say whether the results are from getting stronger or just lifting in a more mechanically advantageous way.


Thanks for the responses, now I get to answer some questions.

One, I've never lifted before this.

Two, I read all of this site and Louie's material over the summer. I was working a pretty physical job and never had the energy to train so I figured I'd learn all I could before I got the chance to train.

Three, I did these in good form. I'm concerned for my long term health and believe the ego should take a back seat when training.

Additionally, I have no intention of getting lazy. I've followed a strict nutrition and Westside based training plan so far and have no intention of backing down.

Anyways, thanks again, and yes, I'm being serious about my poundages. My dad could do more than me on everything at my age, so I'm just trying to catch up and get some newspaper clippings of my own.