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Here goes. I’m a 31 year old male and have had serious issues since coming off a 9 month Testosterone Enanthate cycle.

I’ve been using steroids since I was 21 years of age. Stupid and foolish, yes I know. My last cycle was Testosterone Enanthate 3 x 12 weeks cycles with pct inbetween. I did a 12 weeker and pct, no time off and jumped straight back onto another 12 weeker, pct and then another 12 weeker. I lost my erections after the third cycle. Couldn’t get it up at all. I took a cousre of Nolvadex a while after and got erections back but only for like two days.

I went to see a urologist a year later and they told me it was all psychological because my testosterone levels were higher than normal. 5 years later I got private bloodwork and my levels were high. 879 ng/dl, 844 ng/dl, 769 ng/dl, 750 ng/dl. I also got tested for LH a few times which were 11.4, 10.8, 10.4, 25.3, 13.0 on a range of 1.7 - 8.6. High LH means that my brain thinks my T is low. I then started researching and reading up on elevated T levels because this isn’t normal at all. Very high T levels after abusing roids years on end.

Anyways, a guy on another forum saw my bloodwork and said " Hey I think you have Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome" (MAIS). And he was right. I’ve been to see 4 different endocrinologists. The first one had no clue and couldn’t tell me why my LH was so high. The second endo said there was a possibility but he didn’t think testosterone would help me because I’m fully virilised.

The third endo diagnosed me with “Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome” and referred me to a specialist near me. The foruth endo who I’m seeing now is going to put me on Nebido injections after I quuit drinking because I drink far too much. The next app is in December.

I’ve been diagnosed with a very very rare condition. It affects every 1 in 100,000 males.

“MAIS is only diagnosed in normal phenotypic males, and is not typically investigated except in cases of male infertility [18]. MAIS has a mild presentation that often goes unnoticed and untreated [15]; even with semenological, clinical and laboratory data, it can be difficult to distinguish between men with and without MAIS, and thus a diagnosis of MAIS is not usually made without confirmation of an AR gene mutation [5]. The androgen sensitivity index (ASI), defined as the product of luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone (T), is frequently raised in individuals with all forms of AIS, including MAIS, although many individuals with MAIS have an ASI in the normal range [5]. Testosterone levels may be elevated despite normal levels of luteinizing hormone”

I’ve been through hell. I was put on 5 different SSRI’s after coming off my last cycle. I didn’t think about sex or anything in all these years. I came off the meds last April and lost awoman I really cared about last May. I just couldn’t get it up.

Anyways, last June I took Test Cyp for 5 weeks at dosage off 150 mg the 1st week, 175 mg the second week, 200 mg the 3rd week, and 250 mg the 4th and 5th week. It didn’t do a thing other than raise my E2 to 63 in week 4 when I got tested. I didn’t check what my T levels were at.

My new endo is putting on Nebido injections every 10 weeks. My HPTA will not shut down, the aim is to lower my LH to a normal level and the exogenous T i take will be added n top of what I’m already producing, so me levels will be in the 1200 + range. What I’m worried about is why Test cyp didn’t work on me but test enanthate 500mg made me a walking hard on. Could anyone help me? Please, I’m desperate. How could I make Nebido work for me?

I forgot to add. I need higher T levels thsn normal men.

Why in the hell would you even bother doing PCT in between cycles if you’re not going to wait any amount of time before hopping onto a new one? Blasting and cruising would have been a far less retarded option. Where did you even get the idea of PCT between cycles without time off?

I’m not at all familiar with MAIS, but it sounds like treating with more testosterone is sorta stupid. No clue if that’s the medically accepted course of action for this.

What is your E2 currently? What is your DHT? Those two have a far more likely effect on your libido, IMO. You need to get a blood panel done with the recommended tests in the stickys. What is your Free T level? High SHBG can render high Total T levels moot since Free T would be in the shitter.

Do you have any idea what your LH and T levels were before AAS usage?

Possible you could have a pituitary andenoma, which is a benign tumor secreting pituitary hormones. This would be wise to rule out before injecting even more T into your body.

My DHT is over the reference range and E2 is isually around 44 - 50. SHBG has been in the 20’s and other times in the high 40’s. I told my endo exactly what I did and he said maybe I do need a higher level of testosterone but he won’t prescribe me T whilst I’m drinking because it’ll have no effect. I have a mutation in my androgen receptor. it still functions but only with higher levels of T. I suspect my levels must have been in the 1000’s before I took roids.

Will I need an AI on Nebido? Docs over here in the UK don’t prescribe HCG or AI’s.

[quote]sade wrote:
E2 is isually around 44 - 50[/quote]

This has a huge detrimental effect on your libido. However you get it, you need to find an AI.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:

[quote]sade wrote:
E2 is isually around 44 - 50[/quote]

This has a huge detrimental effect on your libido. However you get it, you need to find an AI.

What was your e2 before your started TRT when you have levels in 800 and over the top of the range?
MAIS has there been a clinical diagnosis via genetic testing? IN your travels you have told you were then you weren’t
Unless all the criteria has been full filled for clinical diagnosis then its still not final. More so Dr’s are assuming you have it.

Heavy drinking would explain the high E2. Might want to start with some liver support and then retest E2. Cutting down on heavy drinking would probably help as well. It’s pretty damn easy to get E2 down within a matter of weeks.

Is there any long-term ill effect of higher than normal LH? If not, I’d probably get E2 into the 20 before messing with anything else. Mine was in the 40s and I felt like shit with zero libido. Getting in the 20s made a huge difference.

I’m not a doctor have zero knowledge of your condition, so take this for what it’s worth.