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Genesis Meds


I'm doing my research for a first cycle and was wondering if anyone out there used or heard of the Genesis Meds Brand products? www.genesismeds.com


looks like the only sites I can find that sell them are www.aaabodybuilding.com and www.maximedicine.com . if anyone is familiar with these sites or the Genesis Meds line I would appreciate feedback as they sound good in the literature.


Good stuff. They are very good quality. Using right now and it rocks.

Very good prices too - actually very cheap.

You can trust them as a quality source.


hey guys,
there has been alot of talk about pct products lately. I've been reading on them for so long that when I play NBA drive on xbox and the guy is shooting a free throw, the odds of making the shot appear lik 70 pct. Of course this means 70% chance of making the shot. But all I see is the pct and think post cycle therapy.

I've done lots of searching on the net and have found a place with cheap liquid nolva (20mg/ml 60ml bottle only $30) there's cheap liquid clen and conversion kits... Now having never ordered stuff like this I must say there is a lack of confidence sending money to strangers. However for $30 I'm willig to find out. Also there are no steroids sold on this site which makes me more confident buying there for some reason.

Anyway the part I found weird is where you fill in your address and other info, however it is mandatory that you leave your phone number to them. I did not thinking much of it at the moment, I just want my nolva so I can start my cycle!

Just wanted to know what you guys think of this.



I wouldn't order anything from a site that required a phone number.