Generic Tornado Ball

Paul Chek’s article has piqued my interest in Tornado Ball drills. The price tag is a bit too steep though. Please post if you know where to get a generic version of reasonably good quality. I don’t care if the ball has a hole to thread the rope through, it just has to be tough and sufficiently bouncy.

You might check out Power Systems.

Make your own.
You just need to attach a rope to a bouncy medicine ball. You can even make your own medicine ball. The local sports store wanted to charge me $80-$100 (australian dollars) for a medicine ball so I filled an old basketball up with water (it was hard to do and took some time and imagination). and I had a heavy medicine ball that bounced for FREE.

Thanks for the tips guys!

I just had a brainstorm so I pulled up this thread from the archives…get yourself a tetherball (sp?) and fill it with water. Its even got the little loop on the end of it, which you’d probally have to reinforce, but I bet it’d work.

Whats a tetherball?

Its a ball on a rope thats tied to a pole. Little children play some sort of game with it where you try to wrap the ball around the pole before the other guy. Its a school yard thing…maybe its even a Canadian thing…

Good idea, timmy! Did a quick price check and they’re much cheaper than the rope balls. None of the sites list the weight of the ball though. Anybody know? Now all I need is to find one that offers a warranty so I can bust them up and turn them in.