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Generic Sob Story About Hair, with Questions

What’s up people. Long story short I started TRT 10 months ago. I’m 26 on .47mg of Test Cyp. 2x weekly.
Noticed hair thinning at the temples and a little in the middle around 3 months ago.
Recently lowered my dose to .20mg in the hopes of helping stop /slow the progress.
Always expected to lose my hair in my 40/50s. Just not ready to lose my hair juuust yet. Father and grandfather had thinned, but full heads of hair into their 50s.
Also noticed my scalp just seems a bit “thinner” / thicker line where I part my hair.
As the name suggest, I’ve always had some great hair, everyone comments on it. I’m still at that point where it’s only slightly noticeable.

If I stop taking TRT, will my hair continue to thin/shed or will it halt it? Is there the possibility of it growing back out?

I don’t want to stop TRT, but I’m also not going to sacrifice my hair for added sex drive / libido when I can just take a pill for that.

All comments welcome, thx