Generic HMG for Fertility

A close friend is in early 40s, competitive Iron man athlete. Trying to make a baby and his sperm and T counts came back low. I am wondering if its from that heavy endurance training. Anyways his doctor prescribed Repronex 75iu 3 times per week. I think its going to cost an arm and a leg to keep up that routine unless his insurance covers most of the cost.

Anyone else use this for fertility reasons and is there a cheaper generic brand or route to get it if you have a legal prescription?

Is HCG close to being as effective for the difference in costs?


From what I read HCG effect on fertility is weak and very individualistic. It acts as LH primarily and a very weak FSH (sperm produc.) HMG acts as both. I would try HCG for few months and do a sperm count. If not good enough, then pay for HMG.


HCG for example gave me a count at 10 million which is fairly low, Clomid at a very low dose gave me 64 million.

I’ve had good results from HCG as part of my T/HCG/AI routine. I’m not sure of the actual count, but the nurse said my levels were “above normal”, FWIW. We aren’t pregnant yet, but the boys checked out fine.