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Generic HGH Question

Alright, so this would have been my 30th day of 5iu split dose ‘black top’ HGH. Decided to have some blood work done so I took a 10iu dose IM about 2.5 hours before blood draw.

IGF1 was the only test that would have gave an indicator of efficacy that I have got back (same day) but I had it sent our for GH Serum level as a double check.

I had some other test run, but before I post up or jump to conclusions what is a typical range that dose of generic should put me at as a control for future test?

Hard to say. If your numbers don’t come in at least double the baseline I’d be a little concerned. The 10iu shot was a bad idea though. You kind of blew any chance of getting meaningful data by skewing the control so much. You need to know what your usual dose of 5iu does for you so instead of just getting the test you doubled the dose. I don’t know what you aim to learn from that, but it’s too late now.

In study after study, performed over decades, the results of GH treatment shows that it takes months to ramp numbers up to their top end. So after month one the IGF number is X, and month three it’s higher than X, then month five it’s higher still. At some point it hits the top end and you stabilize for a while. That’s how these drugs are meant to work since they are there to treat actual diseases.

If your number isn’t substantially higher after 30 days then you should consider a new source. If the number looks good then maybe it’s dosed right. Or maybe that big 10iu shot messed up the test. But either way you know that it’s at least a somewhat legitimate product.


Well that’s the thing, they werent any higher than normal reference range, 203 ng/ml on a range of 98-282 ng/ml.

The idea wasnt so much as to confirm my levels, as it was product quality/efficacy. Hence the large single shot, was hoping to catch the fat spike after liver passthrough.

That being said however, I do plan to retest within a month as I will continue taking the product that I have (which I have a good quantity of) so it’s possible it was either:
A. Skewed test, something went wrong
B. That IS my saturation up to current (let’say I normally would fall into the 100 range)
C. Product is not right.

I have a batch period reference, so I’m going to ask a few other people if they had gotten labs on the same.

Quick update, lab came back for GH Serum level and it came up as 26.3 ng/ml on a reference of 0.0-10.

So it looks like I’m a weak responder to the IGF1 production facets, or had lower scale production before hand. So I’m satisfied with this number now, will still retest in a month.

You could have test for HGH as well. I did this and my blood levels were twice the range

See my last post, that’s exactly what I did but had to wait a couple days for that result to come back in.

Over double the high end of reference, so it’s looking good.

You’ve been running 30 days? You should be seeing better sleep, faster growning nails, maybe some carpal tunnel pain, and maybe some water gain.

All signs of a good GH product

Sleep was there till the mild tren insomnia kicked in, haha. The numbness in my hands definitely started in relation to the HGH, havent noticed water weight gain, but have been injecting subq directly into fatty adipose tissues around my abs lower back, already have noticed slight reduction.

Cant say much about my finger nails, I’m a mechanic and they stay short from work, but maybe I’ll keep an eye on my toes now lol

Never ran those 2 together. I’m currently on GH, Test and Mast. In my opinion, GH is basically a guaranteed diet in a bottle but you gotta be PATIENT!! You’ll preserve a ton of muscle and be able to recover faster and you will lose fat slowly.

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I’m planning on running the HGH for as long as I can reasonably afford to do so, right now I got a 4 month stock at 5iu a day and try to add as I go along.

This current blast was going to be about getting size on, I wanna get big, try to do it dry. I got some IGF1 LR3 as well as some PEG MGF on the way, a 10ml vial of generic Humalog and access to labs for nothing.

Tren will make you grow with the right diet but I have found that adding mass with HGH doesnt really work at that dose (at least for me). You have a Test stack? Or Dbol to add to the tren?

Yes sir, test c (Trt dose),test p, tren a, mast p, EQ and will be introduced adrol once I’ve come to saturation on the EQ.