Generic Bulking Routine

In two days I will start Lyle McDonald’s Generic Bulking Routine.
I chose it because it allows for twice per week frequency and allows you to choose a decent amount of accessory work.

Age: 20
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 177 this morning
Best Squat: 405
Best TnG Bench: 320
Best Deadlift: 420

Looking forward to getting started.

Here is my exercise selection:

Low Bar Squat
SL and Sumo DL
Leg Curls
Seated Calves
Standing Calves
Sit ups

Paused Bench
Weighted Pull Up
Cable Row
Rear Delt Fly
Cable Curl
OH Tricep Extension

Low Bar Squat
Sumo Deadlifts
A Glute Exercise
Standing Calves
Seated Calves

Paused Bench
Pendlay Row
Incline Bench
Lat Pulldown
Lateral Raise
Hammer Curl
OH Tricep Extension

Most things will be 2-4 sets of 6-12 reps. Will focus on progressive overload.


Low Bar Squat- 275x3x10 Will add 10lbs next workout
Sumo Deadlift- 290x10 singles
Lying Leg Curls- 110x3x10
Standing Calves- 210x4 sets

The gym closed early so I had to omit stiff-legged deadlifts, the rest of my calf work, and sit ups. Disappointed that I didn’t get all my work in.

Note: Working a physical labor job this summer. Today I felt a little weak due to being tired from the job. Will have to eat a lot to compensate.

I’ll remember to weigh myself and take my resting heart rate tomorrow.


Paused Bench- 225x8,8,7 I’ll stay at this weight until I get 3x10.
Weighted Pull Up- 45x10,9,6 Grip was weak from work today.
Seated OHP- 135x10,10,9 Repeat until I get 3x10
Cable Row- 180x3x10
Rear Delt Fly- 145x3x10
Cable Overhead Tricep Extension- 50x3x10
Single Arm Cable Curl- 20x3x10

Morning Weight- 178.8 lbs
Resting Heart Rate- 67 bpm

Goal is 190 lbs morning weight by the end of the summer. I’ll see where my resting heart rate is after a few weeks of my physical job and once-a-week cardio.


Morning Weight: 178.0 lbs

Low Bar Squat- 285x10,8,10. Repeat this weight til I get 3x10
Sumo Deadlift- 330 for 5 singles
Glute Kickbacks- 3x12
Standing Calf Raises- 6 sets
Planks- 3 sets
Sit ups- 1 set


Morning Weight: 177.8 lbs

Paused Bench- 225x9,8,9
Underhand BOR- 185x3x10
Incline Bench- 185x3x8
Lat Pulldown- 180x3x10
Lateral Raise- 25x3x10
Cable Overhead Tricep Extension- 60x12,8,7
Cable Hammer Curl- 60x3x12


Morning Weight- 177.2

Didn’t feel like doing volume squats today.

Breathing Paused Squat- 225x10 seconds
Paused Squat- 315x5
Sumo Deadlift- 315x10 singles
Stiff-Legged Deadlift- 225x3x6
Leg Curl- 140x3x10
Standing Leg Curl- 3 sets
Seated Leg Curl- 3 sets
Decline Sit Ups- 3x10
Deadlift Stance Leg Press- 1 set
Rowing Machine- 5 minutes


Morning Weight: 181.6 lbs

Paused Bench- 225x10,9,8
Lat PD- 185x3x10
Seated OHP- 145x 8,7,7
Cable Row- 185x3x10
Rear Delt Machine- 150x10,9,7
OH Tri Ext.- 55x12,11,10
Cable Curl- 65x3x12
Calves- 3 sets
Rowing Machine- 6 minutes


Morning Weight: 179.6

Low Bar Squat- 285x3x10 Volume PR
Deadlift- 355 for 5 singles
45 Degree Hyper- BWx30

Gym closed so I didn’t do calves or abs


Paused Bench- 225x 10,8
Touch and Go Bench- 275x1, 185x16
Lat Pulldown- 190x3x10
Cable Row- 185x10, 120x2x10
Paused Incline Bench- 135x3x10
Lateral Raises- 20x2x15
OH Cable Tri Extension- 2x15
Cable Curl- 2x15
Decline Sit Ups- 3x10


Morning Weight- 178.2 lbs

Low Bar Squat- 295x8,8,10
Sumo Deadlift- 265 for 10 singles
Stiff Legged Deadlift- 235x3x6
Leg Curls- 145x3x10
Standing Calves- 3 sets
Seated Calves- 3 sets


Morning Weight: 181.2 lbs

Paused Bench- 275x2, 225x3x10
Cable Row- 190x3x10
Seated OHP- 145x10,6,8
Lat Pulldown- 200x3x10
Rear Delt Fly- 145x3x10
OH Tri Extension- 50x3x12
Cable Curl- 72.5x3x12
Decline Sit Ups- 3x10


Morning Weight: 181.0 lb

Sumo Deadlift- Worked up to 410x1. Post Back Injury PR
Low Bar Squat- 295x 9,9,10 Volume PR
Back Extensions- BWx3x15
Standing Calf Raises- 6 sets


Morning Weight: 179.6

Paused Bench- 235x3x8
Lat Pulldown- 200x3x10
Cable Row- 120x2x10, 160x10
Paused Incline Bench- 135x3x10
Touch and Go Bench- 275x1
Lateral Raises- 25x3x10
Cable Curls- 75x3x12
Tricep Pushdowns- 75x8,8,14
Bodyweight Calf Raises- 2x50


Morning Weight: 180.0 lbs

Paused Squat- 365x1 PR
Squat- 295x3x10 PR
Sumo Deadlift- 295 for 10 singles
Leg Curls- 150x2x10, 140x10


Morning Weight: 180.6

Paused Bench- 235x7,7,6 used a weird bar
Touch and Go Bench- 225x10, 275x1
Cable Row- 200x3x10
Lat PD- 200x2x10, 180x10
Seated OHP- 145x3x10 PR I think
Rear Delt Fly- 3x10


Morning Weight: 181.2

1.5" Deficit Sumo Deadlift- 330x5x1
Squat- 305x10
Front Squat- 185x2x5
Back Raise- BWx3x20


Touch and Go Bench- 285x1
Paused Bench- 235x8,8,9 PR
Cable Row- 200x3x10
Lat PD- 200x3x10
Incline Bench- 185x3x10 PR
Lateral Raises- 25x3x12
OH Tricep Extension- 55x2x12 50x12
Cable Curl- 80x2x12 72.5x12
Calves- 4 sets
Decline Sit Ups- 3x10


Morning Weight: 180.2 lbs

Forgot my belt at home.

Beltless Squat- 315x1, 365x1
Beltless Front Squat- 185x7, 225x2
Beltless 1.5" Defecit Sumo Deadlift- 315x10x1
Beltless SLDL- 245x3x6
Sumo Deadlift Stance Leg Press- 3 sets