Generic Adex Question

Hey everyone, just got a quick question, i tried searching this website for a substance called Armotraz. From my understanding and as it is advertized one tablet of armotraz contains 1mg of anastrozole, the active ingredient found in adex. Not being able to find any info from this board i googled armotraz and other boards came up saying it was garbage and others said it would be fine. Needless to say i dont understand why theres such a split decision. I received the armotraz from a popular site many of you probably use to get your ancillaries from as well. Was wondering if i would be ok to use this, common sence is telling me its fine because it ha the same active ingredient as adex but just want to make sure. If anyone could shed some light on the subject that would really help me out.

Thnks Jimbo

I wouldn’t trust it, just get real arimidex.

You’ll kick yourself if you use it, it doesn’t work and you grow a set of tits