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Generational Decline in Testosterone Levels

I have read some interesting studies about the decline of testosterone levels in the past decades. The median total testosterone levels went from 501 in the late 80s to 435 in the mid 90s to 391 in the early 2000s. Free testosterone went from 237 to 188 to 130.
There are factors such as an increase in obesity, medication use, environmental factors (hormone disrupters), lifestyle changes (less manual labor). There is also the declining number of smokers (nicotine is an aromatase inhibitor). However, even after taking all these factors into account, there is still a decline that is yet to be fully explained.
Interestingly I also ready many articles that talk about how more and more women are complaining that today’s men are more boys than they are men.

What are your thoughts on that?

This has been discussed at length. Look up posts by @johann77

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Part of the decline is standardization of the tests themselves. Part is probably a real decline, IMO anyways.