Generation of Vipers

Jim, just wanted to thank you for recommending Generation of Vipers’ “Howl and Filth” on your website. It’s taken my workouts from heavy to scary awesome, especially “Ritual.” Like you said, " it is scathing, beautiful, devastating and played with absolute conviction."

You are always welcome. What a band. There is a video of them on the Tubes - it’s a demo rehearsal in the studio. Use this to search, “Generation of Vipers - Eternal (Live Rehearsal @ Fahrenheit Studios)”

Just a killer tone and mix.

Cobalt just released a song from their upcoming album “Slow Forever”. Charlie Fell is handling vocals this time and if you aren’t familiar with his work in Lord Mantis, do yourself a favor and check out Pervertor and Death Mask.

Saw that same vid on your website. Was what made me have to listen to them. “Coffin Wisdom” is also a sick album.

Mantis is a little too macabre for my taste haha. Was hoping Neurosis would sound closer to GoV but they’re a little slow. Onwards into the Tubes!

Wanted to bump this, thanks a lot for the recommendation. At first, it boosted my workouts. Now it’s got me stompin’ around the office. Also GOV on Pandora is really bringing up some good shit too.

Likewise, after hearing GoV on your website the post about stress I believe, I found them on band camp and instantly ordered all of their CDs back in December. You also turned me on to Weedeater, Eyehategod and several others as well. Rarely disappointed.

Thanks for all you do man.

Glad to help - as one gets more into music, it becomes harder to be “blown away” or impressed. It’s not that the newer bands are bad, it’s just much has been done before. And if you copy those before you, you’d better do it right. Iron Witch is a band that apes Eyehategod and does it well. And if you innovate and combine shit right, it can be amazing. The new Pyramids is just that: combines black metal, a very odd drum machine, lush vocals, tremolo picking, and the Cocteau Twins - nothing that makes sense, and makes it work. R. Loren should have gotten a Grammy nod this year. Not for best metal performance but for the Motherfucker with the Vision award.

Totally agree, and I think that is what makes GoV so good. It is nothing revolutionary, but it is that they just do it so well. I can hear so many influences in the band’s music, and good ones, but they do it their own way and it comes across very genuine and original. I even wrote the band an e-mail thanking them for making good music. As I am picky when it comes to metal. Good metal, hell good music in any genre, seems like a constant process of finding the diamonds in a field of crap.

x2 on Iron Witch.

I have not listened to Pyramids, I will give it a good listen. It sounds like it challenges the traditional ear, and I like that.

This is Pyramids - only people who don’t understand or like this are pretenders.

Cue my frantic search for headphones.

For those that will give Charlie Fell a chance in Cobalt.

And for the ultimate in music - Pervertor is the better album (in my opinion) but Death Mask has three of their finest songs.

Damn, good shit. Didn’t expect Pyramids to sound like that; not in a bad way at all. Vocals almost sound similar to some of fear factory’s stuff but with way heavier rhythms.