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Generation Iron Trailer



Actually looks decent. Thanks for sharing.


John Hansen commented elsewhere that it probably would have made a much better 'story' if they had filmed it this year, with Jay making a final attempt to win the title as well.



Prediction: without a lovable narcissist like Arnie, Kai's charisma is going to have to carry most of the entertainment value of this film, especially to a non-bodybuilding audience.


As much as I'm a fan of bodybuilding DVDs and documentaries, I have a difficult time believing that the general public will care one way or another about this film. Sadly there's too many preconceived and widespread notions out there.



Cant wait for this to come out :slight_smile:



In terms of entertainment value though, this is a hard topic to sell (unless you've got Arnold) to the general public while maintaining an unbiased outlook.

You type in any pro BBer's name into Google and one of the main searches it recommends always has the word "steroids" in it. It's sad to say but it seems like most people would rather hear about the drugs and G4P and the various dirty laundry of pro bodybuilding than about going to bed at 9:30, staying sober, and the general dedication required.

The trailer looks like it will present bodybuilding in a way that is probably aimed at a specific niche.


Can't wait to watch it. Will enjoy every minute of it from what I saw in the trailer.


I have been excited since they first announced this last year. I agree that the story would have been better for this Olympia though. Seems like the big bad Wolf is going to be a bigger part of it than I originally assumed.


Whoa, so am I to understand that they're going to be delving into their cycling?


I doubt it. The topic will obviously come up, but I doubt they'll go into personal details.


I love this sentence: "The film busts some myths about the sport along the way ? like the notion that bodybuilders use steroids to get buff. Yudin acknowledged that while performance-enhancing substances are out there, not everyone is using them."


I was going to post that today when I saw it. I would much rather them not even mention the subject, or go very in depth into it, than to just peddle that kind of bullshit.

If the purpose of this film is in fact to clear up common misconceptions about bodybuilding and make the competitors look like real and intellegent people, this does the opposite.


^This. If you want to be taken seriously, avoid even bringing up the subject. IMO it's always better to say nothing than to throw out something completely unbelievable (or even flat out lie as some BBers are prone to do). It's just insulting.



I disagree. While I don't know what the movie exactly says about drugs, but I think you can find a decent balance between never talking about the issue and going into the dirty details. I like what Ben says in the trailer. He basically admits to taking stuff, but says that it still requires more effort to be pro than the layman believe (at least that is how I understood it).


Real Pumped for this movie. I hope it becames a landmark for modern audiences just like Pumping Iron was.


Ideally the movie would do its job showing how much effort it takes to become, and compete as a pro BBer, thus nothing need be said about how steroids play into that. Everyone that is informed knows there is 100% usage rate in the IFBB, and the people that are uninformed need more than a quick glancing over the subject for it to be worth it at all(something like Bigger Faster Stronger).


Looks great, will see even if I'm headed to the theatre by myself.


Is there a list of theaters that will be showing this?


I popped over to the Fandango web site and entered my zip code to find nearby theaters. It's scheduled to be showing at these in Manhattan:

AMC Loews Village 7 Add to Favorite Theaters
66 3rd Ave.

AMC Empire 25 Add to Favorite Theaters
234 West 42nd St.

As to anywhere else, I suggest going to the site and doing likewise.

While my wife is damn cool, I probably won't be able to talk her into seeing iit opening night with me. If any NY area T-Folk wanna catch a Saturday showing once it opens, lemme know.