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General's Log

This will be my nutritional log. My goal is to lose weight, I am eating a high protein high fat diet right now to help cope with the carb cravings. In a few weekes I will switch to a high protein lower fat diet. I will be trying to keep carbs under 15 grams a day. If you look it over and see me eating something that will sabotage my goals please let me know and any suggestions are welcome.

Breakfast- I scoop low carb Metabolic Drive

Lunch- 12 chicken wings with hotsauce and ranch

Dinner- Two serving of Roast, with a few carrots and onions with it.

I do not intend to count calories. I plan on just eating different and letting the body composition change. Let me know if you think this will work or I should approach it another way.

Woke up today not hungry one bit. Got up at 5:30, did not eat till 10:30

Breakfast 10:30- 1 scoop Low-Carb Metabolic Drive

4:30- 2 servings of roast, pretty fatty.

7:30- 4 eggs sauteed onions and sharp cheddar cheese.

That was it for today, if anyone is chaecking this out should there be any additional info, in my posts? This is my first time ever, Any pointers would help.