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Generally Accepted Strength Proportions


Watsup, im Devin. im fairly new to T- Nation, ive been training for just about a year consistantly and on and off since i was thirteen. i have a fairly wide knowledge of bodybuilding for a begginner, but im not sure if my strength proportions are in the normal range. heres some recent numbers on some basic lifts but i must add that i dont ever test my 1RM, any feedback especially from some big motherfuckers would be appreciated:

Age: 19
Weight: 160
Height: 5'7
Squat: 315x7, 245x19 (all squats parallel)
Deadlift: 315x8
Bench: 245x3, 225x8
Incline Bench: 195x8
Pull-Up: Body + 45x5, Bodyx19
BB Row: 155x8

if anything seems generally disproportionate please let me know so i can stimulate AND annihilate(Sorry Lee Haney)


Post a video of any of these. I'd love to see the 315x7 on squat.




dam got the player haters already, how typical. ok i will post ill have pics up soon too. are any of those spectacular lifts to the point were you honestly dont believe me? and any body else have something to help my question?


That barbell row seems pretty low. But if you can do 19 pullups....


No, I totally believe you. To be honest I just like watching videos of people lifting! You should upload the vids on youtube and post links. Sometimes the T-Nation video uploader is slow.


oh ok sorry for being jumpy theres just alot of tough guys on here, pretty sure you know. so heres my split for the week so i will post my videos as i go through the week.

Mon: Chest/Abs
Tues: Back/Rear Delts/Calves
Wednes: Triceps/Abs
Thurs: Legs/Calves
Fri: Shoulders/Traps
Sun: off

hey, any critques on week split would help, and FYI i eat 5-7 meals a day usually 30-40g protein, 40-50g carbs, dont keep track of fat quite as much but im lean. oh, and pics will be up maybe today.


oh and i meant; usually 30-40g protein, 40-50g carbs a meal, not including my liquid nutrients.


If you want to know if you're balanced, you've better test your lifts on the same reps number. If you don't want to test a true 1RM, at least find your 3 or 5RM on every lift. Right now, I can only say you BB row is lagging (try to bring it to 80-90% of your bench). I coulnd't find an useful article "How much can you lift? (Wimp)", it seems lost in the articles archive...By the way, I pasted and copied a chart based on deadlift:

? Deadlift ? 100%

? Back squat ? 71.4 %

? Bench press and pull-up ? 55.6 %

? Front squat and close-grip bench press ? 50 %

? Hang clean ? 45 %

? Dumbbell bench press (two dumbbell total) and one-arm row (two dumbbell total) ? 43 %

? Push press, jerk, and dumbbell incline bench press (two dumbbell total) ? 40 %

? Dumbbell overhead press (two dumbbell total) ? 32.5 %

? Hammer curl (two dumbbell total) ? 31.5 %

? Dumbbell curl (two dumbbell total), barbell curl, and dumbbell overhead triceps extension (one dumbbell) ? 30 %

? Bulgarian squat (weighted) ? 27.5 %

? Lunge (weighted), split squat (weighted), and press-down ? 25 %

? E-Z bar skull crusher ? 24 %

? Dumbbell skull crusher (two dumbbell total), preacher curl, and concentration curl (two dumbbell total) ? 22 %

? Seated calf raise and pec fly (two dumbbell total) ? 20 %

? Single-leg Romanian deadlift (one dumbbell) and standing calf raise (one dumbbell) ? 13 %

Hope it helps!


Just to clarify parallel in squating is when the femur is parallel to the floor not the bottom of your hams.

is this what you are doing?


If any of those stats are accurate you're damn strong for 5'7",160lbs and only one year of lifting.


thanks fabio ill test all of that stuff out, to BODY; i go femur parallel to floor, and i used knee wraps on my 315 squat, to white flash; im workin on videos and pics theyll be posted soon.

to all; id appreciate any critique/advice on the form of any of my lifts, and i work at a gym so i know alot of my shit and have only been lifting a year with straight consistency, and 4-6 months periods since i was in seventh grade or thirteen, so im not new to liftin ya know? oh, and ive went from 143 to 160(give or take 2 pounds or so day to day)


They're definately some impressive stats, but like everyone else I wanna see a video...

(Oh, and I've worked in gyms too, just because you work in one doesn't mean you know anything. There's enough questionable personal trainers and gym instructors out there to verify that...)


This requires videos/pics.....Does this mean you're 14-ish? Those lifts are impressive if you can prove 'em,especially for a 14 year old.

Edit: nevermind. I figured the age thing out.


Solid lifts for someone 5'7" and 160. Well, those are solid lifts for anyone.

Why is your BB row so light? That's realy the only lift that needs work. Other than that I would say you are one stout mofo.


hey everybody in this thread, uploaded a video just check my profile out. its a 245 bench for 4 and my spotter barely helped on the fifth. im either gonna post 19 pullups or 5 with a 45 hanging tomoro.


well i really havent tested in the eight rep range in quite a while ive been sticking with like 135 for three sets of twelve. i can get more than 155 for 8 probably, my back day looks like this, pullups in a bill star 5x5 style building up to BW+45 for five, then CG TBars for upper back(lower traps/upper-middle back), BB Rows, underhand cable rows for lower lat, then deads, then Machine Rear flyes, and sometimes reverse cable flyes too.

so its in the middle therefore its alil weaker.


I love how everyone was quick to demand vids, but when the OP provides them, nobody acknowledges them...

Great work Deebo, especially following through with the vids!


thanks animalmj, i dont BS about my numbers but its kinda motivation to have people want proof. ill be posting somemore videos as i go along. What does OP mean? and are there any problems anyone might notice with my form?


I love how no one gave a shit about his bench videos, and asked to see a squat vid, and the OP didn't acknowledge it....