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General Training


I have a question that most people probably face, when training is part of your life and not actually your life, how does one go scheduling the week? For example, I train 3 x a week at the gym, I choose to do other things in my spare time as well so that works for me, as for actually going to the hot gym on a beautiful day, would you guys have a set M,W,F and never miss the workout, or if its a nice day and something comes up on a Monday do you push the training to Tuesday? I know it a weird question but I want to try to be more consistant and want to develop an approach.


personally mate i wouldnt ever push your training to another day, thats when you start to get complaicent. Training for me is only ever missed due to an absolute emergency, being consistent is so so important for me. Depends how badly you want to achieve your goals doesnt it.

Think about it training for 1 hour a day is about 4% of your whole day, consistency is extremely important - but thats just me.


Sometimes if it’s nice outside, I drag the sled around outside. Or jump rope or something.

Pushing Monday’s workout to Tuesday is no big deal if you have a Legs/Push/Pull setup.

It might throw off the whole thing if you’re trying a full body approach.


I think as long as you plan ahead a bit it’s no big deal moving training days around a bit. For example I’m currently training M, W, F but knew I was going to be busy yesterday so I pushed it back to today. I still get the same total amount of rest and it won’t effect my next workout.


I don’t think it matters. Just do the “missed” workout the next day you can. Some weeks I’ve had to lift 2-3 days in a row because I knew the week was going to be hectic.

So if you couldn’t workout Monday but you have a M/W/F split, just workout T/W/F. It’s all good.

Your body does not know days and weeks and definitely wouldn’t know if you missed a workout on Monday. Just put in the work when you can and you should be fine.


When it’s a nice day, I train outside.


I have a very loose template: I want to front squat at least once a week, back squat once a week, deadlift once a week, run a few times, and get to a yoga class. The precise order in which those things happen and specific days matter less than getting the work done overall. You could have a similar approach. Create your three workouts, and just give yourself the rule that you have to get them done. Within reason, you can be flexible. If you find yourself repeatedly blowing them off, give yourself a little stricter rule.


Thought it was worth repeating…


I use training as a way to enhance my life; keeping myself strong and healthy. So, with that said, I treat it just like food, sleep, and work. It is part of my weekly schedule and routine. If I am supposed to train on a particular day and the weather is stellar, I still train-- but I set a time stamp on my training. Usually I set it at 30-60 minutes, and I am gone. Sometimes I just do the major thing (i.e. squat, press and rows, etc.) and leave, but I always do it.

Today was just one of the days, I took very little rest and did everything in about 45 minutes including my stretching. After that, I had my food in a cooler in the truck, and was heading straight to the mountains.