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General Training and Rest Questions


Hi guys, firstly, some general info about me, I'm 5'7 and 154 pounds. I'm from a country where most male citizens have to maintain a minimum level of fitness for a fitness test every year, so I'm generally fit, but my training has been haphazard and geared toward the bare minimum.

I'm looking to improve my fitness levels and these are my goals.

  1. Gaining about 10 pounds
    1. Able to run 1.5 miles in 11 minutes
    2. Do a muscle up

My current training (6-7 days a week) includes

  1. Pullups - I can do 15 bodyweight pullups, but as I am training for some size as well I added 20 pounds to bring my rep down to 7-8. I plan to train until I can do 10 reps, then add more weight till my reps are at the 7-8 range, then repeat. I use the HIT method and do 2 sets to failure.

  2. DIPS - same as pullups.

  3. Pistols - 2 sets to failure at bodyweight, currently at 4-5 reps, aiming for 10 before I add weights.

  4. Handstand pushups - 2 sets to failure at bodyweight, currently at about 4-5 reps.

  5. Pushups - currently about 30 reps with 20 pounds added, 1 set to failure.

  6. 1.5 mile run, complete in 13-14 mins.

I generally train almost every day, even 7 days a week if time permits, but a minimum of 5 times a week.

I try to keep the reps/sets somewhere between strenght/size gain. Also, should I incorporate more rest days? Thanks in advance for any feedback you guys can offer


Why are you not currently training with weights?


Unless your a high level gymnast you will not "muscle up" by only doing bodyweight movements.

For the average weekend warrior you need to be hitting the iron hard and heavy for a few days and then backing off to allow your body to recover, rest and grow.

How about you try try training like this for 6 months:

Mark Ripptoe, starting strength or Defranco's West side for skinny bastards.

And how about you eat like this for 6 months:

Note* you haven't outlined your diet and by your post I'm going to assume your A) skinny and B) eat like a bird. If not please let us know so we can suggest something more appropriate.

Anyway try Mark Ripptoes Anti Skinny Fat Manifesto or A Cold Slap In The Beginners Face.

And how about you rest like this for 6 months:

8 hours of sleep a night.

Naps when you can.

Get in your active recovery I.e. Walks on your rest days etc.

Anyway, try that for about a year and you will be on your way to getting "muscled up"


This is a muscle up. It is a unique goal, for which staying light is actually advantageous. So theoretically, one could do one with only bodyweight training.


Lol, scrap my post then.


You should give block training a try, I think trying to add 10lbs and reducing your 1.5mile time will be tough. I would shot for the running and muscle up goal first.

10 shot throws
box jumps up 3x5
Squats 3-5x3-5
Bp 3-5x3-5

4000m of tempo work
MB circuit 1000x
BB circuit 2x10

Db jump squats 6x6
Weighted pullups 5x5
Db rows 4x10
Rev hypers 4x10

4000m tempo
mb circuit 1000x
bb circuit 2x10

skips 2x8
10x shot throws
Squats 3x3-5 or stepups 3x5
Bp 3x3-5 or db ip 3x6-10

2-3 mile easy run
Abs 10


Why do you keep posting this routine? Did you just read your first article or something?


Kool, my friend bobo wrote this workout for analzo magazine.