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So ill be in the market soon and looking for a solid test stack. Ive taken bps anabolic and androgenic before when I was 18 under a buddies guidance but I didn’t know shit at the time. I’ve recently done two rounds of straight daa at about 7-8 grams a day. I felt really good by the third week. Ive been looking around at some of the local stores but id just wanna see what some of you test gods have got to recommend.

If it’s legal, it doesn’t work. If it works, it’s not legal. Use that to guide you.


Haha I suppose that a valid point.

Yeah, I’m going to have to call bullshit on that. Sure, it sounds fun, but c’mon.

@m.ferris, you seem young. If you’re in your late teens or early 20s, you likely don’t need, nor will you see much of a benefit from testosterone boosters. Aside from having a medical issue or actual low T, save them until you’re older.

For the record, I’ve had excellent luck with Alpha Male.

Go ahead.

Thanks for the input, I get what both you guys mean. Yeah test boosters aren’t shit compared to steroids. Got it. I’m 23, I don’t think I particularly have low test right now, I guess I’m just eager and hungry you know? I’m coming a long way in my progress and I’m eager for more! I do intend on using steroids at some point but I would like to wait until I’m like mid 30’s or so, from my understanding thats the general point that your body starts to wear down so if I can be at my, lets call it “life max potential” at that point, Id like to do so then. Its kind of a bucket list thing to be honest.

I’ve never had one that worked. I had one that I thought worked, but a friend of mine pointed at the amount of caffeine in it and proprietary “energy complex.”

Look in actual peer reviewed papers and you’re likely to see next to nothing. Supplement companies pay to have private research done under a non-disclosure policy. One of my friends from years ago had a PhD in something to do with sports nutrition and is fairly prolific in his peer-reviewed published writings. He told me he couldn’t tell me what he’s tested, but his motto was pretty much the same as @T3hPwnisher. If it’s legal and it really works, it won’t be legal long. Sleeping and eating right are probably going to do more for you than any test booster you’ll find.

Could try some of these, for say 50% of the population they work well other 50% do nothing…

Some tips here also…

Boring but, consistently going to bed really early/get 8+ hours sleep every day will make the biggest difference

Thats a really good point actually. I’ve just started learning about “peer reviews” over the past two months as I start college, yes I started 5 years late… thanks military, but yeah I honestly wouldn’t have though about that!

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i have used something called long jack a.k.a tongkat ali. i measured my T before to 22 units and after a couple of months on it to 33 units. that is an increase by 50 %.

i experienced gyno tho. a dude here at T-nation thought it could be due to aromatization of T to something. i have since then cut the dose of long jack i take by 50% and the gyno is gone. but i have not measured where my T went.

/br bonoboschimp

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Now all of that said, I’ll still try something once in a while, but never had anything that I noticed a difference on.

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I still believe in the Ashwagandha root and stinging nettle tea!!! :stuck_out_tongue: