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i know its horrible to deadlift and squat the same day so i avoid this, but what about powerclean and squat same day?
or deadlift powerclean same day? im not sure what to avoid and what is okay


The point is to choose something that is posterior chain dominant AND quad dominant so that you hit the entire leg.

Example pairings:
front squat-romanian deadlift
hack squat-stifflegged deadlift
power clean-squat
deadlift-short step lunges
squat-good mornings
sqat-deep long step lunges

I've seen people do deadlift and powerclean the same day, but I wouldn't because they both work mostly the posterior chain and that would neglect the quads.

And on another note, some people do think it's ok to deadlift and squat on the same day. You just have to build yourself up to it. If I personally had the desire to, i would do squats first, then deadlift. I would choose a lower rep scheme for squats and higher for deadlift and work the deadlift for a few weeks till i can get the reps close to even.


I dont know if its just me, but power cleans really neglect the hamstrings. It may hammer the back pretty well, but other than that, the hamstrings are pretty left out. Now, dont get me wrong, Im not saying they suck, but most people perform hip dominant movements so as to emphasize the hamstrings.

And power cleans simply dont cut it. If you are going to do power cleans as your hip dominant movement, then I would definitely include leg curls as part of your isolation exercises.


The current program giving to me for 6 weeks includes power cleans, DLs, and squats in the same day, along with lateral squats and pull-ups. I spent a good 27 week program building up to this though, and also the DLs are 2x5 at the begginning of the workout. I personally would not make DLs and Squats "work" sets on the same day. Power Cleans though, no problem, the cleans are before any squat movements.


Depends on who you ask, and who you are.

[i]Q:Another major criticism of the Starting Strength program comes from squatting three times a week. People say it's "bad" for the lower back. Just like they say you shouldn't squat and deadlift in the same workout.

A: Sure you can... if you're a novice.[/i]

If you're doing a form of "total body training", meaning you're doing full body workouts every session, the least complicated method will be to choose one exercise per movement pattern (horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull, quad dominant, ham dominant) and you'd want to minimize redundancy.

Doing a full clean (from the floor) and a squat or deadlift on the same day will be redundant, and unnecessary. You'd be better served choosing variations of those exercises. For example, hang cleans and sumo deadlifts or full cleans and lunges (instead of squats).

Or if your heart is set on working those movements together, you'd need to vary the set/rep scheme. On the days you're working the clean heavier with low reps, you'd lighten up the squat/deadlift and use a moderate rep range for those.


One of my leg days has me ramping to a 5RM on the power clean followed by 4x6-8 front squats. My other leg day starts with a squat 5RM and then does RDLs for 4x6-8. It wipes me out for sure, but its definitely working. The trick is to avoid heavy loading on the lower back for 2 exercises in a row.


and I would say for 2 sessions in a row also.

It really depends on your personal biomechanics and how healthy your lower back is, but I would make sure you take into account the cumulative effect of these exes over the course of a week.

Sometimes it's better to do everything in one session and then have longer to recover and sometimes it's better to space them out over 2 or more sessions.

Make sure, like others have said, you are balancing quad and hip dominant work and factoring in any other stresses on your lower back (in and out of the gym) which could effect recovery and space things out as ness.